Overview of Presentation from ESEAP Conf 2022 - Affiliate panel Discussion - Wikimedia Korea

This is the overview of the my presentation from Today’s ESEAP conference - Affiliate panel presentation : Wikimedia Korea

The reason why I am posting here is since I have to present without any slides, it is worth to share in the MS Forum :slight_smile: Here is the three important highlights and lessons learn from us :wink:

  1. Try to partnership with professional
  • The HIV/AIDS editathon which targeted the professionals undergraduate / graduate students
    ** The HIV/AIDS field is is known to be lacking in Korean Wikipedia because which is difficult to edit unless you have expertise. With their edits (either translating, or writing new article) would help us to reaching out to us.
    ** We rewarded the volunteer hours for them by their contributions, since that is beneficial for graduating or getting a job.
  1. Teenagers
  • There is need to meet student users and know what they want. WMKR board hosted two sessions in this year with the average of 3-5 participants.
  • Support them to do what they want to do. For example, they wanted an exploratory activity that students could participate in. So we created Student Wiki Tambang program which had huge success with some media, articles from ulji-ro, Seoul has been improved.
  • Strongly encourage them to edit directly in areas of interest (eg: mobile games). Please make a short and quick how to properly edit Wikipedia and how to join the community. And train the how copyright is being enforced in WIkimedia community (to make open knowledge)
  1. Try to develop the affiliates strategy aligned with Movement Strategy
  • One of best practice is getting support from Wikimedia Foundation and the other affiliates where they having a strategic plans.

Hope our tip helps:)