Presentation from ESEAP Conf 2022 - Alliances and Partnerships - Wikidata and Independent Art Space in Taiwan

Sharing Presentation - Wikidata and Independent Art Space in Taiwan


Nice work and very interesting @KOKUYO @Joycewikiwiki
as it resonates with my own effort in Croatia…
Do you have original presentation on GoogleSlides?
Can you open it for comments so I could add some?

Thank you for your presentation.
I am hoping you will construct a SPARQL query of wikidata which gives the wikidata items of the artists you have uploaded. So that your work can easily be extended into the English language domain.

No problem. It’s a presentation on Google Slides.


I think I understood most of the slide presentation, but I am curious how many Wikidata experts and how many beginners you had and what was the model and frequency of your work? It seem that you entered a lot of items and next phase of modeling and self-hosting will be very interesting to follow. I guess experience from Rhizome would be most important here.

Dear Zblace

I think perhaps 6 people in the audience understood and were interested in what I was talking about. A key difference between Toby Hudson’s (99of9) presentation was that he demonstrated the possibility of making inference from what were effectively random samples of wikidata but in the case of taxa it it is vital that wikidata be as complete as possible. If we are to be an encyclopedia of world knowledge then we should know exactly which taxa were first described by John Obadiah Westwood. Hence most of my wikidata work has been to put up as Qitems, all or almost all of the taxa in various databases for fauna & flora curated by Australian Government (or Australian state government) agencies.

In my talk I wanted to show an effective method of linking Qitems for taxa to author Qitems and article Qitems as in Rhytiphora denisoniana (Q112619955), and Carex erebus (Q43373548). (Achieved via the reference for the taxon name)

Not sure what you mean by “what was the model and frequency of your work?” or “next phase of modeling and self-hosting” so I cannot comment.

Thank you very much for your interest and I would be happy to zoom if you wish to take this further.
Best regards,


Sorry if I was not very clear but my response here was only towards presentation listed in this topic as subject: Wikidata and Independent Art Space in Taiwan

Ah. Then I am not the person you wished to contact…