Be part of the Wikimania Singapore program!

Hi everyone,

Do you want to present at Wikimania 2023? Wikimania program submissions are open now until the end of day Tuesday 28 March, anywhere on earth.

After the 2020 edition of Wikimania was postponed and the two following online editions, Wikimania is now back with an in-person, hybrid and on-demand event in Singapore, from 16-19 August 2023!

The theme for Wikimania 2023 is Diversity, Collaboration, Future. There are 11 tracks to choose from: familiar ones like Community Initiatives, Governance, GLAM, or Technology; and new ones like Open Data and Wild Ideas. You can submit an interactive workshop or panel, a lecture, a short lighting talk or a poster for our dedicated poster session. Making a submission is easy and we have upcoming conversation hours on Sunday March 19 at 00:00 and 14:00 UTC to help you out. You can also reach out to us on the talk page or on Telegram. All the information you need is available on wiki.

To explore suggested topics for the track, please see here: to browse through the already submitted proposals, please go to the Program Submission category on the Wikimania wiki.

We welcome your session proposals. Read more on Diff and start preparing your ideas!

Kind regards,
On behalf of the Wikimania 2023 Core Organizing Team


@Ciell do you maybe wanna introduce yourself to the Forum users?**

  • Forum good practice
  • (… it is a bit alienating for us who try to use it effectively to see other experienced and informed users just loging-in and posting announcement for the first *(and only?) time… without making effort to introduce themselves… It would be awesome that Forum deteriorates fast and does not become and announcement dump bin, especially not through actions of people who do not need it most of the time. Please do not see this as personal, it is ongoing issue, that is maybe hard to communicate by existing moderators, so I take it on me as I trust we know each others enough to trust in good faith from both sides …)
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Hi Zblace,

I have been active here on the forum before and check in every one in a while, but this is indeed the first time to post here as a member of the Program sub-committee for Wikimania because I find this Call for Proposals relevant for the people here, and the forum could be a great way to have the global reach we would like it to have (thank you automated translations!).
Wikimania 2023 is proposed have a specific track for Governance and all Strategy stuff can fit there: everything from movement charter (including hubs and global council) and other recommondations, to specific initiatives related work, to peer-shearing stories about the past 5 years of movement strategy development.

I am Ciell, admin on Dutch Wikipedia, Commons and a few more places. I am a volunteer who concentrates on working in the Movement Charter Drafting Committee, Wiki Loves Monuments international team, and (as you can see) I help out with Wikimania 2023 as well.

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Hi, Ciell, and,
Congrats to Singapore peers who open doors for in-person and virtual enrollment at Wikimania 2023 <3
Yes, indeed reaching out needs multiple channels including this Forum, esp as we are trying our feet to ride on those waves of COVID-19. Good part is that many have learnt to do things remotely. Wikimania 2023 IMHO is the first of its kind that physical distance will be reaped together over time zones; while some of us might still need extra tap on the shoulder to decide on things to do/see/present.
I would love to see the Wiki Expo, walk the isles along the reporter while sitting in my armchair. Per what I read on Wikimania 2023 page, I love esp the idea of:

  • on-sight news reporter type of volunteer, who would broadcast what is happening at Wikimania 2023 venue in Singapore;
  • remote presenters can also upload prerecorded poster presentations, all of those matching presenters-viewers.

As a translator ja-en-ja, too bad I did not translate the announcement before end of February… traveling scholarship duedate was 2+ weeks ago. Ciell, thanks for your gentle tap on my shoulder, I will update /ja pages for Wikimania Singapore !(^o^)!

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Thank you so much for your response Omotecho!
It’s going to be so exciting for us as well, we are very much looking forward to the event.

Thanks for the help with the Japanese translation, much appreciated.