[September 24 & 29] Conversation Hour on Anti-Surveillance

Friendly reminder that on 2022-09-24T08:00:00Z and 2022-09-29T22:00:00Z the Global Advocacy team is hosting conversation hours on movement approaches to anti-surveillance.

Our guest speakers are Andri Humardhani (Board of Wikimedia Indonesia), Pepe Flores (President of Wikimedia Mexico) and Kate Ruane (WMF). All details including how to add to the agenda can be found on on Meta .

Hope to see you there!

Ziski on behalf of the Global Advocacy Team


Inviting ESEAP Wikimedians here to attend the first call, which would feature a board member of ESEAP Affiliate: @Kizhiya @AppleRingo777 @Iyumu @Samwilson @Omotecho @Joycewikiwiki @Rachmat04 @Deryck_Chan @Gnangarra @Patsagorn_Y


こんにちは、招待してくれてありがとうございます。 I have some hearing loss and it is hard to listen to the conversations.オンライン会議は私にとって、ストレスが多い。私はオンライン会議には出席できません。ですが、お互いの考えを読んだり書いたりするのは、歓迎です。


Hi, @FPutz_WMF , great opportunity to share knowledge and expertise! BTW, we will benefit from internationalizing the m:Public_policy/Conversation_hours_and_Events#Upcoming_Conversation_Hours [1] page. It’s mentioned here in the thread. Would you kindly add [translate] tags, tweak for translation please?

It’s tagged with [under-construction], and I hesitate to add languages /translate tags. As far as you are going to converse, ppl better be equipped with the basics and terminology to comprehend?

Hi thanks for the great tip! I hope you can help me. I have a few questions.

The page is ‘under construction’ because we change the content every month. This means the content is never stable or fixed, only the first description of “how it works”…but the “log of previous events” and “upcoming conversation hours” always change. Does this matter if I ‘tag it for translation’? I am concerned someone will spend time translating content…that we then change anyways. What do you think?

Hi, FPutz_WMF, sorry for the belated reply.

Surely, the first part at m:Public_policy/Conversation_hours_and_Events#Upcoming_Conversation_Hours is enough for translation and give general idea. Not too heavy a task for a translator. Technically, maybe we can add an ambox noting that the page is a live one, that revisions occur many times.

Not limited to what we look into here, but if you were not fluent in English, the tactics will be: Try searching for Conversation_hours on meta, as somebody not sure of how to access your page: I am not sure if they will reach the goal forever… (Search results for " Conversation Hours" - Meta),

Besides, isn’t it a chance to note your discussion/consultation is open and running in many languages? I am not nudging you to release newsletter type of updates, since eg TechNews has regular updates for every wiki to follow. On the other hand, Education Team and others decided to share “we are here” type of updates, and they might give you hints?