Monthly Report of Forum Activity

Happy December, everyone !

For the month of November, the Forum had a total of 732 users, comprising 194 active users, of which 82.9% (or 161 users) were non-WMF. “Active users” as defined by Discourse is “all users who visited and read at least one topic in the given time interval.” The number of users who create new topics for the month of November is 73, of which 19 are associated with Wikimedia (including affiliates) and 54 are volunteers.

The graph below compares the # of users from June onwards (June is the first full month we have data for).

  • New Users (51 total): new account registrations
  • Daily Engaged Users (15 average): number of users who have posted or reacted to a post during that time
  • New Contributors (21 total): users who posted for the first time

The graph below compares the regional distribution of users on the Forum and users of Meta.

The graph below breaks down the interface language preferences of Forum users. Of the 194 active users in November, there were 21 different interface languages in their user preferences.

The graph below shows the users by Trust Level.

The percentages are based on the total number of registered users, active or not. This month, the number of registered users was 732. Learn more about trust levels here.

The graph below is a compilation of pageviews from anonymous users (people who aren’t logged in) and logged in users.

Top Ten Topics

The Top list is calculated by the forum software based on likes to the first post, likes to the rest of comments, number of replies and number of views (more).

New topics created in November

  1. Nov 12: Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network meeting, Asia-Pacific friendly time
  2. My candidacy to serve as one of the forum admins
  3. Ask Me Anything about Movement Charter Session, Asia-Pacific
  4. Get prepared for the Movement Charter feedback sessions
  5. How can Wikipedia be made more fun? How can event organizers make their meetups more fun and interesting to attract the youth?
  6. Movement Charter: Roles & Responsibilities (statement of intent)
  7. Sat, Nov 26, 4:00 pm CET: MCDC Community Consultation: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  8. Movement strategy feedback from Indaba 2022 in Rwanda
  9. ESEAP Conference 2022:Reconnect
  10. Overview of Presentation from ESEAP Conf 2022 - Affiliate panel Discussion - Wikimedia Korea

All Time

  1. Say hello!
  2. Leadership Development Working Group
  3. What kind of leadership would you like to see (or see more) in your community?
  4. [Announcements] Movement Strategy Implementation Grants (MSIG)
  5. 2022 Board of Trustees election Community Voting period
  6. Global Conversations on Hubs on June 24, 25, and 26!
  7. 日本とのつながり / Japanese Connection
  8. I would like to serve as a general moderator!
  9. Forum Weekly Report
  10. Using this forum in the context of events