How can Wikipedia be made more fun? How can event organizers make their meetups more fun and interesting to attract the youth?

During a discussion that took place at the 2022 Wiki Indaba in Rwanda, an interesting question followed up on how best we could engage youths in participating and continuously contributing to Wikimedia projects, and a suggestion of making Wikimedia more fun was mentioned, hence this forum question of how we can be able to make Wikimedia events or projects more fun, this is an open discussion for anyone with some suggestions.


For more context, let me quote a comment that sparked this discussion from the meeting notes for this session:


Cultural exchange can be arranged between the young Wikipedians of different countries, like arranging an editathon on topics about Portugal in Tajik Wikipedia and an editathon on Tajikistan in Portuguese Wikipedia. Only young Wikipedians (school/college goers) will be eligible.


It’s a great idea!!