Repositioning the Youth towards achieving the 2030 Strategy in the Movement : Learnings from WikiVibrance

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Link to the presentation: WikiIndaba 2022_Wikivibrance.pptx - Google Slides

  • Enaging youth in exciting activities

  • Conducted the Africa Youth Month 2021, which is a platform to engage and motivate the youth

  • International youth day In Rwanda participated in women’s leadership event. Commemorating the day by bringing youth to contribute to the wikipedia project and recongise the youth who are doing great work in wikimedia project through wikimedia spotlight feature on social media.

  • did partnership and broadcasted through radios shows, publications

  • 243 particiapnts from 12 communities.

  • 9016 improved.

Repositioning the youths

  • APRM symposium

  • AKI

  • AYD2022

Have female leadership in the youth project.

Identifying topics for impacts. There are two key APRM symposium that took place in Uganda.


Q: what are the blockers in stopping youth from participating

  • WMGH: One of the challenges is the lack of writing skills. We should include writing skills training across africa so that they can contribute better.

  • WMGH: another challenge is the high level of unemployment. The youth are surviving and wokring to make ends meat. HOw can we ask them to be volunteers when they are struggling to put food on the table

  • Highlights are key gaps in access to internet representation in language, gender and underrepresented groups

Q: What are your groups doing to implement movement strategy?

  • [WMUG] Investing in skills: Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Invest in Skills and Leadership Development - Meta

  • We need to do a needs assesment to understand what youth are interested in when it comes to contributing to wikimedia projects and the broader movement (learnings from wiki Vibrance)

  • We need to seriously ask what is required to drive youth participation

  • We are collecting data and research on youth needs for east africa specifically uganda and burundi. Working with the foundation and youth from each community. Phase 4 of the projects deliverd recommendations from the research findings. Now we are looking forward to the implementation plan

  • WMF: The goals are big and the idea is not to do it alone. It’s important that you gather resources and work together. The movement strategy team is here Zita for anglofone and Mohuton for french

  • There are grants available to support your work to overcome the issues of access and unemployment the movement strategy grant is designed to support your pilots and experimentation in executing the MS reccs

[WMCI] Questions what IS movement strategy???

it started in 2017… when peopel started speaking about what the moevement would be in 2030. Several converstaions were held and working groups initiated to capture what was discussed and agreed upon about our future. The document captured the principles that should ground us as a movement. The final recommendations are

  1. Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement

  2. Improve User Experience

  3. Provide for Safety and Inclusion

  4. Ensure Equity in Decision-making

  5. Coordinate Across Stakeholders

  6. Invest in Skills and Leadership Development

  7. Manage Internal Knowledge

  8. Identify Topics for Impact

  9. Innovate in Free Knowledge

  10. Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt

ref link: Movement Strategy/Recommendations - Meta


  • [WMTZ] youth need to ne motivated. We may not be able to employ them but prizes can go along way.

  • [WMUG] using platforms like let’s connect or being a connector is a powerful way contribute

  • [WMUG] when we look at motivation, we need to agree what is appropriate for incentives … money is not adivsed and not part of our values. We need something else

  • [WMUG] Changing the narrative that contrinuting on wikipedia are tech savvy

  • [WMUG] Can we align with other global goals such as the SDGs

  • [WMCI] Questions what IS movement strategy??? … How can we take back the conference experience back to our communities ?

  • There is a lot of fun and joy in the movement can we elevate the aspects of our work that is also fun: friendship, creating, laughter, popular culture,

  • [WMZA] we created a 5 year plan around youth particiapation … partners, social platforms and our own platforms to promote your initiatives using the central notice banner. Once we get the attention of the youth… how do we keep them engaged? How do we make it fun? One area that we feel is important is creating general awareness in the public.

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