Ongoing MS funded projects around recommendation #6 - connecting peers

The other day we were in this online event organized by the affiliate Wiki Movimento Brasil (Brazil), where we had the opportunity to discuss Movement Strategy. We discussed it from a local perspective and, while sharing about the global one we looked at the ongoing funded projects around recommendation #6. We realized that most of these projects are being carried on in the Global South (Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda, Syria, India, Brazil, Cape Verde) and have lots in common.

Thus I took the liberty of creating this post to put the project groups/leads in contact in case you find it useful to share experiences, lessons learned along the way and challenges.
MS is to be implemeted from a local perspective with a global vision, so maybe this platform can become a useful resource for wikimedians around the world working around the same issues to connect?

Here is the list of the projects (excuse me for tagging you here with no forewarning, but as I said, just did it with an easing connection/collaboration purpose)!

(If you see that any project is missing in the list, please just EDIT the post. TY!)


Thanks it is very useful to know the local projects, and I am very happy to share our experience together


Hello Tila,
Thank you so much for introducing us to each other. It is indeed an interesting pattern that the Global South is invested in the recommendation #6. I am moving forward to a phase in my project where I am hoping to learn a lot. I now know a place where I can share my learnings and learn from like-minded people :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


Thanks a lot, for this great information that will help us connect, share and improve for the success of the ongoing projects …. Peace and love from Rwanda .
Am just wondering if there will be an opportunity for us to share the learning points during the incoming Wikimedia Summit in Berlin??


@Ndahiro_derrick O Summit em Berlim pode realmente ser uma boa oportunidade para vocês se conectarem! Sei que o @LPiantá_WMB estava preparando algo. Mas não tenho mais informações sobre as demais pessoas deste tópico. Vamos ver se elas dizem algo! Abraços.


Oh yeah I look forward to connecting with many of us who will attend , hopefully there may be some sessions for us

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Eu não estou muito por dentro do programa do Summit, mas acho que vou tomar a liberdade de mencionar a @Nicole_Ebber_WMDE por aqui para consultá-la. Olá Nicole! Uma pergunta para você ou qualquer pessoa do seu time que possa responder: durante o evento haverá espaços de encontro organizados para grupos/pessoas desenvolvendo projetos abordando as diferentes recomendações da Estratégia do Movimento? Muito obrigada!

@Ndahiro_derrick just saw this video about Wikimedia Summit program and thought about our conversation here. There will be several opportunities to engage with other wikimedians. Starting with a mapping exercise on day one! :world_map: That’s interesting to see who is doing what, where and how!
I’ll try to embed the video below, let’s see if it works. In case it doesn’t, I’m also adding the link to my post.

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this is a great idea. thanks!!

Hi @Sm8900, can anyone be a part of the summit? During Wikimania, my Affiliate organised an in person event. It was a very beautiful experience for us. Is it possible to have an in person in event and we connect to the summit?.
Finally when is the summit coming up?

Hi. Sorry but I’m not the person who posted details of this summit. I don’t have any details on this event.

Hello, @Ndahiro_derrick and @Semmy1960 ! The next Summit is taking place on 9-12 September in Berlin, Germany. It will be a hybrid event - the first ever hybrid event of this size and scope for the Wikimedia Movement. As you may know, the Summit (formerly known as ‘Conference’) is about Affiliates, by Affiliates, for Affiliates. It is designed and hosted primarily by WMDE with support from WMF. I think it would be wonderful to organize an in-person event of your Affiliate to go alongside the Summit. Have you spoken with others of your Affiliate about this? What Affiliate are you part of?


@HEl-Youssef_WMF thank you for your response. I am from the Wikimedia Nigeria UserGroup. I can discuss with them. It would be nice to be a part of the conference.


So sorry for the error. Thanks for your response.

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Please don’t apologize! No need to - there was no error. I welcome your ideas and questions and we are here for that!

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Thank you!

Estava curiosa para saber se algumas das pessoas listadas aqui conseguiram se encontrar durante o Summit em Berlim :face_with_peeking_eye: :crossed_fingers:

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