Movement Strategy : A Brief Consultation

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Notes from the session

Summary of discussions from Table One

  • How can we connect people who are working on similar initiatives?

  • A lot of the work we are doing around knowledge equity means that we have to innovate. In order to innovate, we may have to look outside the movement to see what other websites are doing.

  • How do we make sure that our leaders reflect the diversity of our movement?
    -We may need to build a database of leaders
    -Make sure everyone is up to date and have the right skills

Summary of discussions from Table Two

  • Using Wikipedia to fight misinformation on Kenya politics

  • The movement strategy is not accessible to newcomers. More awareness needs to be created.
    -User groups should have a big role to play in dissemination of Movement Strategy awareness and training

Summary of discussions from Table Three

  • How can more documentation support be provided

  • French speaking communities have to learn English before they can be able to participate in the conference

Summary of discussions from Table Four

  • Notability was raised as a major concern

  • Maybe there should be different notability criteria for different regions. This might be challenging to implement though.


This session will be a space for people to share about their ongoing activities, and in return, they will receive suggestions that could help them to embed those activities in the larger movement community and the Movement Strategy in particular. To the best of the speaker’s ability, participants will receive suggestions on how to proceed, and how to access available resources for funding, planning, communication, collaboration and documentation. Activities could address skills and leadership development, strategic planning, outreach and community building, marginalized knowledge, partnerships and many more.

Note: Both presenters will be available throughout the conference for more of such conversations.

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Two important links for anyone interested in attending this session:

  1. We aim to have two-way conversations primarily, but we will also share some information which you can find on these slides.

  2. We would be capturing the projects happening on the African continent as well. Please fill this form to share your ongoing Movement Strategy projects and your Movement Strategy project ideas too! (DO: remember to drop a note that you are filling this form during WikiIndaba)

@Nicola_Zeuner_WMDE @KVaidla_WMF @Zuz_WMF and I will be looking forward to engaging with you all in an hour!