Movement Strategy initiative #1: Systematic approach to improve satisfaction and productivity

Hello! I’m Abbad from the Movement Strategy & Governance Team. During the next few weeks, I’ll be posting threads on this Forum with drafts of Meta pages for review. Each of those draft pages will be about one Movement Strategy initiative. The pages are intended to provide a simple introduction about each of the Movement Strategy initiative, and to help Wikimedians (like you!) learn how they can contribute to the implementation of initiatives.

By posting the draft pages here, we invite you to review them before they are officially published on Meta. We are using the Forum for this purpose to allow reviewers to quickly translate the content to their native language. You can leave your feedback in a reply below. It would be especially great to hear what you think about the page’s structure and format, which we hope to make easy for newcomers to use.

If you had like some guidance for your review, we would love to hear your feedback on the following questions:

  1. What’s your first impression? Is the page appealing or interesting for you to read?
  2. Can you find the information you expect to find? Is there something missing?
  3. Imagine yourself as a complete newcomer (if you’re not a newcomer yourself :)). Is the information clear? Are some parts difficult to read or understand?

Systematic approach to improve satisfaction and productivity (read on Meta wiki)

Wikimedia 2018-20 Recommendation 01.svg

Increasing the Sustainability of the Wikimedia Movement has two sides: 1. Money, and 2. People. In order to help keep the people in the Wikimedia movement and bring new Wikimedians aboard, there should be a Systematic approach to improve their satisfaction and productivity. For example, Wikimedians should be recognized for their work, not only in editing articles but also in less-visible activities, like advocating for changes in public policy, conducting research, providing training and more. Additionally, their needs should be assessed in different contexts to provide them with the kind of support they require, and to accommodate the diversity of contributors in the movement.

Develop a systematic approach to improve the satisfaction and productivity of people engaged in the Movement by:

  • Assessing the needs of groups and volunteers, taking into account their local contexts for effective support and recognition of efforts.
  • Continuously engaging and supporting publicly diverse types of online and offline contributors…

Movement Strategy recommendation #1: Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement


Hi. Ok, I truly appreciate tyour efforts, in posting the links, ideas, and topics above for all of us to discuss and collaborate on.

one question; I notice that the page name for this page includes a label that might lead the average user to believe that this page dates from “2018 to 2020”. is it possible to set up a redirect, which would make this more current?

I have a question about your offer above to get “more involved” in the Movement Strategy initiative. I wwould be glad to get “more involved,” and would like to seek any ways to do so. I live in the Northeast USA, so I am not really part of any community that is under-represented. is there a place for me to get involved? Again, I would be glad to do so. if your invitation was meant for other sectors, such as people in less-represented communities, I truly won’t mind. I simply would like to clarify. thanks, @Abbad_WMF !

Secondly, just as this thread on MS forums points to that Meta page, can you please set up a visible link on that page, which points to this thread on MS forums? I think that doing so will be greatly conducive to greater discussion and collaborative efforts on this.

I hope to read this great page more in depth, and to comment further later. thanks!

Page name: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Recommendations/Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement

Thank you for your enriching questions! Here are some responses:

  • It seems like there’s a little bit of confusion caused by the way that the page was copied from Meta. You have apparently read the Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement page, which is the broader recommendation. This recommendation include the initiative that this topic is about (“Systematic approach to improve satisfaction and productivity”) as well as other initiatives (like “Funding for Underrepresented Communities”).
  • As a person from a well-represented community, you can still create a project to help fund “under-represented communities”. One example that comes to mind is applying for a grant to introduce Movement Strategy grants (and Wikimedia grants in general) to underepresnted communities in your region, who are very possibly not aware that such opportunities for support even exist. We are currently working on creating such examples for projects that you can implement in each initative. Unfortunately, we have not created examples for this initiative yet (nor for most).
  • That is a valid suggestion. I’ll start adding those links to the “related documents & discussions” sections in each intiaitive page.

Thank you for your feedback, and I hope this helps!

hi @Abbad_WMF:
Responses to the questions in your original post:

  1. First impressions - nice, clean, uncluttered & short explanation
  2. Information - the information is concise & mostly clear.
  3. Any confusions? - just one; the last sentence: “Additionally, their needs should be assessed in different contexts to provide them with the kind of support they require, and the diversity of contributors in the movement.” I am not sure what you mean in this last clause: … and the diversity of contributors in the movement." Maybe you mean something like: Additionally, we should assess the needs of diverse contributors and those contributing in different contexts so that we can provide them with the kind of support they require."?

Hi @Redwidgeon. Great to know that you’re also on the Forum!

Thank you for the helpful feedback. I’ve fixed the last point you mention by adding a missing verb, which I think gives a pretty close meaning to your paraphrasing. Happy to further edit to reflect your thoughts (BTW, you can also edit the thread yourself, in the wiki spirit!).


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