Movement Strategy initiative #3: Increased awareness about the Wikimedia Movement

Increased awareness about the Wikimedia Movement (read the full version on Meta wiki)

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In order to increase the Sustainability of Our Movement, we should increase awareness about it and its work. This includes, for example, creating videos or organizing campaigns to introduce the Wikimedia projects to new audiences and groups. This will ensure the sustainability of interest in the movement from people like readers, partner organizations and donors, as well as bringing new volunteers.

Increase awareness about the Wikimedia Movement, its values, achievements, projects, and communities worldwide – to secure the attention, trust, and interest of knowledge consumers, volunteers, partners, and donors.

Movement Strategy recommendation #1: Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement

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Interesting topic. I would like to be part of it .

WHY? :Sometimes in our community, volunteers just go edit, but they don’t understand the Wikimedia movement or its value; awareness is critical to achieving our 2030 vision.


That’s great to hear, @UWIMPUHWE_Va ! Have you seen all the active implementation projects for this initiative? Let us know if you’re interested in any of them and we’ll see if we can connect you with that project or share more info about the project.

Also, if you have ideas yourself about how to raise awareness, we’re all ears! We would love to hear what you’re thinking and see how we can help you make it happen through Movement Strategy implementation grants.



Of course, I’m interested.

You may connect me to this project to know more and if I can discuss with a focus person to come up with some recommendations, but the first of these projects is the one I find some interest in more related to our community .

However, I am willing to contribute to our goal of 2030 .

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