Working on a status update about Rec 1 - Increase the sustainability of our movement

Increase the Sustainability of our Movement is the first of the ten Movement Strategy recommendations. I have started to work on a summary of its implementation focusing on what has been done, and what is ongoing or pending. It will be a draft open to contributions and updates.

I will be sharing the draft when I have a decent version covering the eight initiatives contained in this recommendation. I thought I would create this topic in case anyone wants to discuss the details of this task. :slight_smile:


OK, Iā€™m patiently waiting for the draft so I can make my input. Bravo!


Yeah, this is great indeed. I will like to have a copy when you are done.

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Here is the report!

We have published a related Diff blog post, including a glimpse of the data.

I will mention this report in the Talk pages of the recommendation and related initiatives. I will also update the corresponding topics on this forum.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback! The report welcomes contributions as well.

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I think I have covered the expected places in the Movement Strategy channels: related talk pages on Meta, the MS channel on Telegram, and the following topics here: