What piece of Movement Strategy are you most excited about?

What part of Movement Strategy is most exciting to you? Which Recommendation really aligns with your goals as a Wikimedian? Which of the 40+ Initiatives is your Affiliate impatient to start implementing? How will it do that? How do those ambitious goals of Knowledge as a Service and Knowledge Equity inspire you? How does Movement Strategy feel similar - or not - to the things that motivate you to be a Wikimedian?

Let’s share, listen, and learn about who is interested in similar aspects of Movement Strategy!


Increasing sustainability seems like a true positive idea to me.

although this thread has been largely inactive, I would like to try to foster this thread. currently it seems to be the only recent thread that invites general brainstorming and collaboration from our community here at this forum as a whole. Since that is an approach that I favor as well, I would like to renew this thread periodically, since I feel it has a valuable role in our overall developmental process here in this general forum.

I will gladly avoid making any such general affirmations on any threads other than this one, in order to preserve the general effectiveness and parameters of our overall processes. my comment here is meant as a statement of my own personal approach to developing this forum, and developing wikipedia and WMF governance in general; namely, i support a general atmosphere of general collaboration, cooperation and community brainstorming and decision-making.

since I did not create this thread, I consider it okay to periodically present this thread to others, as a place and a venue for general community discussions, in case anyone else wishes to do so. I appreciate the fantastic energy, ideas and creativity in this forum in general. thanks.

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Thanks @ Sm8900 for welcoming this thread. Have you had discussions with others? Are they also excited about increasing sustainability? Why is that the part you highlighted?

I am really excited about Managing Internal Knowledge. Does that sound “boring” to other people?

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I appreciate your reply. actually, it is based simply on my own personal preferences. I haven’t received any particular expression of preference of this goal, from other folks.

I look foward to discussion of various ideas here, at the MS forums, as things go on. thanks very much.