Improvements for posts related to events

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Maybe stupid comment on the form rather then the content
(will try to attend just can not promise much more),
but I like the use of explicit date in title [Aug 26 & 27] for event
so visually it is easy to immediately decide if one is able to attend
and read the event announcement.

Once the event passes maybe it make sense archive it or
change title by crossing the date part - no?


Thanks for the kind words! I’m always trying to convey the most useful information first for folks with busy inboxes. I like the idea of just archiving/striking through the dates to repost each month. Great tip!

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Very good points. We can expect many activities within the scope of the MS Forum that happen at a time, date, and time zone.

Discourse already offers basic functionality out of the box. When writing a post, users can click the calendar :spiral_calendar: icon to insert a date:


The result looks like this (you can hover over the data with your mouse to see more information):

Wikimedia Summit: 2022-09-08T22:00:00Z→2022-09-10T22:00:00Z

August 27, Asia-Pacific Friendly time : 08:00–09:00 UTC (15:00–16:00 Bangkok, Jakarta / 16:00–17:00 Singapore / 13:30–14:30 New Delhi / 18:00-19:00 Melbourne / 20:00-21:00 Auckland)

This date information above (source) could be presented like this in the Forum:


Logged-in users see the information in their timezone and language format.

The advanced mode offers other types of formatting i.e., the same dates above:

Saturday, August 27, 2022 9:00 AM→Saturday, August 27, 2022 10:00 AM

This is possible already now. If there is interest in more, we could consider trying the Discourse Event plugin, which brings some of the features suggested by @Zblace.


Good to know that can advance. I expect many smaller events being
announced after Wikimania and Wikimedia Summit are done and that can
get too busy quickly.

It would be useful to agree on a systematic way to announce events, yes.

As a little step, I have started editing posts to make people aware of this feature. See


Thank you that will be very helpful !

@Zblace What if we morph this request into a proposal to enable the official plugin Discourse Event? It’s just a couple of admin clicks away. The features of this plugin would be useful for Using this forum in the context of events.

A couple of illustrative screenshots:

I think that would be a great idea. it’s a great way to increase our functionality here, and it really does benefit the community. keep those great ideas coming, @Qgil-WMF !