A step in the account creation process is not localized and appears always in English

Bringing here a request mentioned in another topic:

The steps are (taking Japanese as an example)

  1. If an anonymous user has their browser configured in Japanese, then the forum interface should already appear in Japanese (has anyone tested this?)
  2. In any case, anonymous users can select their preferred language from a list when by clicking the “languages” icon next to the “Log in” button.
  3. When clicking “Sign Up” or “Log In”, then the user is directed to Meta-Wiki to connect their Wikimedia user account.
  4. After accepting, the user is back to the forum (but probably in English, even if as an anonymous user they could see it in Japanese?)
  5. From that point, the user can click the banner “Use this forum in your language” and follow the steps (translated to many languages, including Japanese).

In the registration process there are three different software applications involved: Discourse, the Wikimedia Login plugin for Discourse, and the MediaWiki-OAuth extension. It would be very useful to see screenshots where the text doesn’t appear in Japanese, to understand what exactly needs to be fixed.

Needless to say, this is a problem that affects all non-English speakers and is not specific to Japanese.

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Here you go:


In the screenshot, it seems that Meta-Wiki is set to English / default. What would happen if the user sets Japanese as the default language in their Meta-Wiki preferences?

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I changed my language preference at Meta to Japanese. Then it came out:

I will tell him/her/them who brought this concern originally to change his/her/their language setting at Meta to Japanese.


There are two potential issues here:

  • The language used by the OAuth authorization dialog on the Wikimedia side. This is taken from user preferences; if there is no user preference set (e.g. because the user does not use Meta), it uses the site default. A URL parameter can be used to override. I would encourage people to set their user interface language globally (Special:GlobalPreferences), but that’s a little-known feature and we can’t rely on it of course. The Discourse auth plugin could be changed to either send the user to the relevant wiki (e.g. Japanese Wikipedia instead of Meta) or append a uselang parameter the URL, based on the browser’s language preferences or maybe geoIP.
  • Discourse setting the language automatically, without the user manually having to set it. The Discourse auth plugin could to this based on the user’s language preference (do we provide that currently via OAuth? not sure but if not, it would be simple to expose), or Discourse could set it based on browser setting / geoIP. Maybe the latter already happens? I don’t recall having to set my language manually for Discourse.