Show language tags on the Tags page

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Language tags like Português should be shown on the Tags page with the rest of the tags.

The initial suggestion:

What about language tags? Some people from the Portuguese speaking communities shared that they have signed up to MS Forum hoping to find conversations in their language, “but yet posts are all in English or other languages”. Right now there is at least one post which has been initiated in PT-Br (by me) but it seems not easy to find it right away. Languages are not merely a communication tool, as they are connected to cultural backgrounds/communities, thus being able to easly find topics initiated in specific languages may feel especially welcoming. What do you think @NPhan_WMF @Danielly_Campos_Dias @Bageense?


Language tags? :innocent: Even if the forum has automatic translation, I feel that they could be useful for newcomers and for cultural reasons. (Wikimedians likely know/collaborate with other wikimedians that speak their native languages)

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I believe language tags are automatic… are you seeing this too? Each topic has a list of what languages have been used in that thread, and you can click on a language to see only topics in that language.

É verdade, @NPhan_WMF! As línguas utilizadas nos tópicos aparecem para mim também. Mas a minha ideia era que fosse possível buscar/filtrar por idioma. Se eu pudesse filtrar por português, por exemplo, localizaria com um clique tudo o que as pessoas das comunidades de língua portuguesa (que estejam se beneficiando de poder escrever na sua língua materna) estão discutindo por aqui. Pensei nisto porque sabemos que a língua é realmente um elemento chave para as comunidades Wikimedia (a língua não é só a ferramenta que usamos para construir conhecimento, mas também o que frequentemente, por questões culturais, nos une ou nos separa nessa tarefa). Pessoas lendo este tópico, pronunciem-se, por favor! :pray:

@TCappelletto_WMF if you click on a language tag you get a list of topics with posts in this language. See for instance Topics tagged pt

Is this what you are looking for?

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Yes, @Qgil-WMF :slight_smile: but why languages are not shown as possible tags to pick from when you click in “Tags” in the top right menu? I mean, if you are new here you may want to filter topics by tags, right? It’s true that the machine translation works quite well and the language barrier seems to vanish here :star_struck: So clearly what I’m asking for is not necessary for technical reasons, but for cultural/community reasons, as I mentioned earlier - quoted below. Wikimedia projects are language based, and in general so are communities. Then I just thought that people would feel more welcome if they found other wikimedians they know with a single click (filtering by language tags). But it’s not a big deal, really. I guess I’m just brainstorming on how to improve people’s connection here.

I moved this conversation to its own topic and I have reported this request here:

You also got my vote. :slight_smile: It’s a good idea.