Suggestions for tags


Tags are another (optional) way to sort and categorize topics of discussions. Each topic can have no tags or multiple tags.

Right now, we have tags for each of the eight regional groupings and others:

  • East and Southeast Asia and Pacific
  • South Asia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe
  • Northern and Western Europe
  • Latin America and The Caribbean
  • United States and Canada

Are there other tags we should create to help us organize and find topics across different categories?


What about a new family of tags “Wikimedia projects” with all the projects? This way people can find easily topics specific to Commons, Wikidata, etc.


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Language tags will come… maybe today or tomorrow? There was a bug in the software that made us pull them out. The fix to this bug is underway, and language tags will be back as soon as the fix is deployed.


Que bom saber que em breve as etiquetas para filtrar as conversas por idioma vão estar funcionando @Qgil-WMF. Muito obrigada! :clap: (cc: @Danielly_Campos_Dias @Bageense).


متفق تماما. خلق فضاء مخصص للمشاريع يجذب المهتمين أكثر


Done! (You can review here.)

The only one I didn’t create was “Test Wikipedia.”

For the ones with long names (like “Wikimedia Mailservices”), I shortened to “Mailservices” and removed “Wikimedia.” For “Wikimedia Foundation,” I used “WMF.”

Happy to edit accordingly!

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New tags created: #error #question #request

When a topic is marked with any of these tags, it can also be “Solved”.

If you have suggestions for what tags should be created to help us organize discussions, please share here and we can create as needed! If you have questions about what tags currently exist, you can view a list here.

What tag/tags would you suggest for topics related to gender, feminism and LGBTQ+ topics to be added to the forum? Please add your suggestions :female_sign: :rainbow_flag:


Oi @AAkhmedova_WMF! Que ideia linda e necessária! :heart_eyes: Eu sugeriria #gender-gap ou #underrepresented caso quiséssemos uma etiqueta mais ampla. Vou chamar duas pessoas que são especialistas no assunto @Andi_Inácio @XenoF e pedir licença para marcar também @Zblace porque conheço seu engajamento com causas afins (peço desculpas antecipadamente caso não tenha interesse no tópico).


Slažem se. Odlične ideje. Bit će lakše naći i grupirati sadržaj.

Nadam se da će uskoro Discourse kao software podržavati i više modaliteta taksonomija.


@NPhan_WMF @Qgil-WMF
Could you please add ‘WM CEE Meeting 2022’ among event tags?
(as first program confirmations are now public on Meta)


In fact, everyone can create new tags themselves! When you create a new topic about the CEE meeting, you can create the tag “WM CEE Meeting 2022” for that topic. Try it and let me know if it works!

#wm-cee-meeting-2022 tag created

Tag creation is currently limited to “regulars” (trust level 3). This is Discourse’s default.

Well, you learn something new every day! Sorry for misleading you, @Zblace ! Thanks for the fact check, @Qgil-WMF !

No problem, but I am semi-traumatized I am not ‘regular’ by now :slight_smile:

lol! no worries. you’re already well on your way to that status. don’t worry, just keep doing as you’re doing now, and you should get to that level, with no problem. i hope that’s helpful. :slight_smile:

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New tag created: #talk-pages

Can tags be grouped and sub/supra-ordinated?
(so there is semantic relation and overly specific sub-categories show up in bigger)
If yes then maybe this could be top down #MediaWiki > #MediaWiki-UIandUX > #talk-pages