Should images be included in translated contents?

Should the images and other rich assets in a post be excluded from the translated version of that post?

When taking the example of this post:
Do we really need the screenshot included in the translated content?

Below, a screenshot of the original post and the translated one:


Why shouldn’t they? A longer post where you continuously have to go back to the original to see what the author was talking about seems pretty annoying.


@Tgr, that is an opened question. Thanks for your feedback. Make sense with longer thread.
Do you think this may have any impact on the API response time in case of many or bigger images included?

أجد أنه يلزم. وذلك لمتابعة سياق الترجمة، وإلا اضطرينا للعودة كل مرة للنص الأصلي فيتوه الفرد منا، ، تخيل أكثر من صورة ولدينا شاشة صغيرة، الاعتماد على الذاكرة الصورية قد لا تكفي


I don’t see why it would, the markup to include an image is just a few dozen characters.


Yes please! I actually just noticed few hours ago while reading a translated post that images were not included and it was a bit upsetting. I initially thought it is perhaps one of those minor tradeoffs I’d have to bear with… I feel relieved to know now that it can actually be fixed :smiley:

There is no change to the feature @SOyeyele_WMF. Can you please share the post you’re trying to translate?

Can’t remember which post it was exactly, but for that post, each time I tried to click on the image part of the translation to reveal it, everything changed back to the original text. If I encounter this some other time, I’d take a screenshot and bring it here.