Automatic translation for the topic titles

Related to this, the subject of a thread does not seem to be translatable, so that is a problem as well. For example, this thread understanding what the subject says (“ما هي المهارات الناقصة في المجتمعات الويكيبيدية/What skills are missing in the Wikipedia community?”) is critical to the conversation. Is this a feature that exists that can be turned on as well?


واو، الترجمة الرجعية، بينت فظاعة الترجمة الآلية!


Thank you @Fuzheado, have moved your request to a new topic because technically it is a different problem. While the (manual) translation of categories and tags is already possible (“just” experimental), the automatic translation of topic titles isn’t supported yet, and in fact this feature belongs to a different plugin.

Many people have mentioned this, also upstream – see

Depending on where we are at the end of the community review, this request might very well be one of our top priorities in terms of technical improvements. In the meantime, your votes won’t hurt to make the case to the Discourse developers and/or those who would approve the budget to fund this feature.


لكنها تفي بالغرض ؟

نعم لكن في بعض الأحيان تكون غريبة، لذا أجد أنهإ إن فُعّلت خاصية الترجمة الرجعية فربما نعدل في النص الأصلي ليكون اقرب في المعنى

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There are several pieces to this:

  • When I click the “translate” icon on comment 0 of the topic, it should translate the topic title as well, not just the comment body.
  • When I am browsing a list of topics (such as a category page), there should be a way to translate the titles. Having to enter the topic just to be able to see what it is about is inconvenient, and conflicts with Discourse’s read tracking / notification system (e.g. from now on I’ll see the blue new comment counts on that topic, which is distracting if it is a topic I am not interested in).
  • Ideally, if the translations for the topics are stored already, they should be displayed from the start. I don’t want to click translate a hundred times when I enter a category to look around. (This is true for comment bodies as well, but less annoying there.)

Update: this is being actively worked on by a developer, and we’re hoping to take advantage of it once it’s live, which might be in a few weeks! (We don’t control the timeline.) We’ll need time to test it and whatnot once it’s available, but I imagine this will be done before October ends :crossed_fingers:


Belated update: the developer is being asked by Discourse to reformat the programming, so it’s going to take some time. When it’s ready to be piloted, I will update here!