Forum Interface Language switch in URL?

Is it possible to send a link that would open Forum Interface in a specific language,
so that user needs not be explained how to make the switch?

Yes: + 2-digit language code

For instance:

Note that the Forum tries to show the right language for the anonymous user based on their language settings. If someone has their browser set to Spanish, they should see the interface in Spanish.

Note also that anonymous users can select their language manually clicking the icon on the top right corner:

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Good. It works for interface, but not for forum topics and titles…OK better this than none.

Automatic translation is not enabled for anonymous users. Given that every new translation of a post costs a tiny bit of money, someone with a bot could make us pay a monthly check without anyone actually reading those translations.


A bit strange that they use GoogleTranslate and include it in the service charge…
Guess they use it with higher speed access, which for us is not so critical as it could be for corporate users.

To be clear, Discourse offers an open source plugin that connects with the Google Translate API. Anyone willing to use that API needs to set their own account and pay their own bills. This is what we have done here. The Discoursed team has nothing to do with our Google Translate invoices.

Understand. Complex systems.

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