Forum Interface Language for Hindi

Welcome to the forum! As you might have noticed already, while Hindi is available as a “content language”, it is not yet available as an “interface language”.

Having Hindi as an “interface language” as well will enable participants to access the forum interface (tabs, categories, menus and others) in Hindi.

Please vote if you also want Hindi as one of the forum interface languages.


I can see that the translation of the Hindi language is ongoing on Crowdin (The translation platform) and is around 30%:
As it is a new language to add, to have it merged and so available in the interface, the translation should be around 50%.

Dear @CSinha_WMF CSinha, I feel this is a good steps in the right direction to localise the forum interface in Hindi. This would nit only help the native speakers and contributors develope more interests but also help them understand what it stands for. Also follow suggestions raised by @MPossoupe_WMF to your questions.



@MPossoupe_WMF and I are requesting the addition of Hindi support at Making Hindi language available for translation on Crowdin - translations - Discourse Meta