Forum Interface Language for Bangla

Welcome to the forum! As you might have noticed already, while Bangla is available as a “content language”, it is not yet available as an “interface language”.

Having Bangla as an “interface language” as well will enable participants to access the forum interface (tabs, categories, menus and others) in Bangla.

Please vote if you also want Bangla as one of the forum interface languages.


The Bangla/Bengalí translations are being contributed here: Crowdin Enterprise

The main file to translate is this “client.yml”, which right now is only at 5% of translation.

There is a topic in the Discourse forum about “the sweetest language for the world”. :slightly_smiling_face: I just commenteded there to see whether there is further interest in Bengali support. Add The sweetest language of the world - translations - Discourse Meta

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Hello @CSinha_WMF
It would be great to get my mother language Bangla as a interface language in the forum. I fully support it and if any contribution is needed I will try my best to help.


Completely agree with you, @ShahajadaSJ7 :blush:


Hi @ShahajadaSJ7!

Thanks a lot for sharing your interest, how about taking this task seriously?
Can we include this task in our team’s regular project management process? You may take as many volunteers from the team as you need.

Note: @ShahajadaSJ7 is one of the most active members of NDEC WERT and I’m the founder of it :smiley: , I’m offering him to complete the translation using human resources from the team.


Hello @Mrb_Rafi
It would be great if it is possible. I will try my best to contribute and other volunteer would also do the same I think so because it is about our mother language after all :slight_smile:


@Mrb_Rafi @ShahajadaSJ7 I find this idea astonishing that the forum can be used in Bangla! We should definitely work on the translation process. Maybe our team can take the helm in the coming days!