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Hello All!

Rafi from Bangladesh. I work as an organizer in Bangladesh, I speak both Bangla and English. I have formed a whole Wikimedia team and trying to make the movement more organized here.
And, ummm, I’m a real boring person, can’t find any fun fact about me LOL


Hi everyone, I’m Jon Harald Søby! Professionally I work in Wikimedia Norge with @Mali_Brødreskift_WMNO, trying to establish the Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub amongst other things. As a volunteer I have been active in language issues practically since I started editing in 2005, and am a member of the Language Committee and involved in the Wikimedia Incubator and some technical stuff as well.

My native language is Norwegian, and I also speak English fluently, and have studied many other lanugages, like German, Spanish, Esperanto, Romanian, Swahili and Northern Sámi, but I am usually better at reading and writing those than I am at speaking (because in written form, I can use dictionaries).

Fun fact: I have 3 kids ages 4–15, so life is… hectic, but fun. :slight_smile: I lived in Tanzania for 6 months in 2011, and will be going back there for holiday for 6 weeks this summer. Can’t wait!


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@Jon_Harald_Søby_WMNO , I already replied to you elsewhere, but let me just say it is nice to hear a bit about your personal background. I am just an ordinary participant here, but I just wanted to thank you for saying hello here. hope you will join in here as much as you wish! glad to have you, and welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Pozdrav svima! Ja sam Željko, ali u međunarodnoj komunikaciji preferiram koristiti inicijal Z.

Iznimno ne pišem na engleskom jeziku jer mislim da je važno da ga se bar povremeno izbaci iz središta i ne podrazumjeva kao jedinu normu. Kao queer osoba sa Balkana često djelujem kritički i kreativno van normi. Ne podrazumijevam da su socijalne norme vezane uz nasljeđe kolonijalizma i rojalizma te suvremeni neo-liberalizam niti jedine niti globalne, čak i kada mnogi Wikipedisti tako misle. To je i dio mog rada u polju kulture, medija i edukacije zbog čega sam u Wikimedia ekosustavu sa različitim zajednicama, pojedincima i oko različitih entiteta.

Ljubitelj sam Discourse softwarea odavno, ali sam bio zakasnio podržati WM Space da postane dio standardne Wikimedija komunikacijske infrastrukture prije pandemije (učinio bi je malo podnošljivijom)… ali veselim se ovoj novoj prilici za pregledniju, raznovrsniju i inkluzivniju razmjenu mišljenja!


Hello all!

Glad to be here with you. I hope everyone here is doing well.
I’m Gilbert Ndihokubwayo, I’m wikimedian, cofounder of the Community of Wikimedia in Burundi. Hope together we will do greater things!

Stay safe!


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Hello,I am Chinwendu Peace,I speak English, Igbo and basic Sean. I am a member of Igbo Wikimedian User group.


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Hello Everyone, I’m Mustapha from Ghana. I speak both English and Yoruba language fluently, I am a team member at Global Open Initiative Foundation and Project Lead at Lakeside University College, Ghana. I am easy to work with and always eager to learn and develop myself.


I am nishimirwe Liliane a member of wikimedia Rwanda User group. I am a researcher and i am very happy to be here with you all. Thank you


I am Oby Ezeilo from Igbo Wikimedia User Group Nigeria. I speak Igbo, English, and Nigerian Pigin. I love learning, teaching, and creating things out of nothing. Looking forward to learning a lot of beautiful things here and connecting with a lot of people.


Welcome @Oby_Ezeilo ! We can really use your input. Glad you’re here. Thanks!


Hello! Abdul-Rasheed Yussif is my name from Ghana. I currently serve as the project manager at Dagbani Wikimedians User Group. I contribute to Dagbani Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and English Wikipedia. I am glad to be part of this forum.


Hello everyone. I’m User: Alhassan Mohammed Awal from Ghana. Some of the Wikimedia core projects/tools I’m active on are Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wiktionary. I’m affiliated with the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, a language User Group based in Tamale, Ghana. I’m the Communications Manager for the User Group.
It’s a pleasure to be here to share and learn from fellow Wikimedians.


Salut, je suis Nixon Mukoko du Congo-Kinshasa


Hi all! My name is Nikolay Artemev (Николай Артемьев). I’m Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group. I’m speak Russian and read/write in Russian, Uzbek and English (with supporting online translators).


Hello everyone – lovely to meet you. I’m Sj (user:Sj) from New England, co-organizer of Wikimedians for offline wikis.

I speak English and read German, Spanish, French, + Hebrew. A lifetime ago I helped the sw: and nah: wikis get off the ground, with patience and dictionaries. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Welcome everyone, This is Amal Ramadan a community relations specialist, I am supporting the apps teams.
I am really interested to get into the movement forum, it sounds like a kind place with lots of information as well.