West Africa Hub Research Updates

This space will be used to share thoughts and updates about the ongoing West Africa Hub Research that is being embarked by the @Mwintirew @Amoaniwaa @Leticia_Boateng @Sunkanmi12 @Kinvidia


This is a really great start!
Do you have thoughts to share just yet?

Hello @YPam_WMF,

We are at the final stages of drafting our questionnaire for the survey. We have, however, sent a circular to the African Wikimedians Telegram group pages. I am resharing the circular here as a way of creating awareness.

Dear African-Wikimedians Network,

The Wikimedians of Twi Language community seeks to embark on a research project to advance the initiative 25 of the Movement Strategy Recommendations on Regional and Thematic Hubs by surfacing the needs and priorities of Wikimedians across the West Africa region. The project will be exploring ways that a hub structure might address any existing gaps and contribute to ongoing conversations highlighting the priorities of the West Africa Region.

We are excited to inform you that the 1st phase of the project has begun and surveys will be sent soon. The survey is currently in 2 languages (English and French) and your response will help us better align and contribute to discussions on initiative 25.

We will be conducting a pretest of the questionnaire with some communities in Ghana tomorrow(July 25, 2022) .

We are looking forward to having all interested Wikimedians in the region participate.


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