A Regional or Thematic Hub? Help us decide!

As part of Wikimedia’s 2030 Movement Strategy Recommendations, there have been discussions on Initiative 25, which focuses on regional and thematic hubs. In view of this, the West African Hubs Research Team has embarked on research to understand the perceptions of the community members in the West African sub-region on the concept of regional and thematic hubs. We have therefore shared a survey with the primary goal of understanding:

  1. What do African volunteers in West Africa think of hubs? 
  2. What obstacles can these hubs in West Africa address?  

The survey will also help the team to understand the perspectives of communities in West Africa as well as provide a description of how a hub should be set up.

Work done so far

We have begun collecting data for our research and currently have fewer than 100 responses to our survey. This comprises 64 from the English communities and 12 from the French communities, respectively. We have also begun contacting community leads to conduct in-depth interviews.


The West African Hubs Research Team is grateful to all who have already filled our survey and will entreat other Wikimedians, especially those within the West African Region, to kindly fill the survey and share it with other Wikimedians. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the survey. Below is a link to the survey. Thank you for your help


French- https://forms.gle/71yFezdw65ovF4RE6

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