Proposal about People Living with Disabilities

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Dear Yom trust you are good,I shared this idea of West African Hub with Movement Strategy and published on Wiki but had to move it to draft because I had a challenge with my account,
I am surprised to see it being promoted by someone else and about to be funded.
I just saw this in African Wikimedia forum came here to share with you but it seems you are aware too.
Kindly advise on the way foward with this.


@Zend2020 Been a while! So definitely good to hear from you again.

There is a marked difference between the two projects you are referring to. In our extensive conversations and discussions on your idea and initial draft, the focus of your project was to surface the needs of People Living with Disabilities (PLWD’s) and explore the ways a hub might support (or not), so leaning more towards a thematic hub (did this initial idea change?). This current Hub Research in West Africa however is more broad in scope and more of a regional hub.

For moving forward as you mentioned, we would be more than happy to pick up the conversations if the issues that stalled your proposal have now been resolved and you are now able to proceed with your MS project idea. The really unique ideas you had for providing the tools and services that people with disabilities in West Africa need to contribute to wiki projects, is still one that anyone would agree is worth supporting. The foundational research that identifies the opportunities and recommendations for doing that effectively within the region, is the kind of learning that would be invaluable to advancing the initiative on Hubs.


Dear Yop,
Thank for your response, the PWD was a factor in ,not all encompassing the very idea of the “West African Hub” is original to me as shared on my synopsis on Meta or I won’t have had to contact West African Leaders who I had several meetings with .
I have reshared the link with you,kindly peruse through and would love to continue this engagement when you are less preoccupied.

Many thanks
Gbemisola Esho

That’s great @Zend2020 !

Happy to continue the conversation. First please confirm that the restrictions have been lifted and let us know so that we can officially proceed.

I will read through the link shared. Thank you

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