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Hello! I am Mali from Wikimedia Norway. I am currently involved in a research project for the suggested Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub. I speak Norwegian and English, and working on my Spanish.
It is so nice to be able to read comments from so many different languages here.
A fun fact: I was at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro a month before my 12th birthday. it is a long long long time ago, but still proud about that achievment. :grin:


hey everyone :wave: I’m Nina and I’m based in the US but originally from Finland (and also lived in Germany for 8 years) - I speak Finnish, English, German (and a bit Swedish). I work as a Lead Program Manager in Community Resilience and Sustainability. I love dogs and coffee and I’m a bit of a pop culture nerd :nerd_face:


Hello everyone! My name is Kiril Simeonovski and I come from Macedonia. I am glad to see that we have a discussion space again where we can promptly exchange knowledge and opinions on various topics, and I highly appreciate the functionality that allows everyone to write and read posts in their native language. I hope that my native Macedonian language, which is currently missing, will be available very soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bonjour, Hello, Hola, مرحبا!
My name is Hanan. I am half Belgian, half Syrian (and as Viet Thanh Nguyen wrote: ‘twice of everything’).
You can write to me in ANY LANGUAGE YOU WANT thanks to this Forum’s amazing translation button! But I will read you in the original in français, español, and اللغة العربية.
I work as Lead Strategist, Movement Strategy on the Movement Strategy & Governance team at the Wikimedia Foundation.
I look forward to learning from all of you along our Movement Strategy journey!


Me too, @JOAN! I love ice cream! What’s your favorite flavor? Or the strangest flavor you’ve tasted?

My name is Nhu (born in Vietnam and grew up in the US). I joined the Wikimedia Foundation as the Movement Strategy project manager in November 2021, and I’ve been learning so much from everyone, everywhere! My journey of learning is greatly assisted by this Forum, which gives us all the ability to engage with everyone, regardless of language. I’m looking forward to listening to and learning from the global community, now that language is less of a barrier. (I will only claim fluency in English; the other languages, I’ve only dabbled in.) And one interesting thing about me…I love walking; I could walk for hours, especially if I’m exploring a new place or my environment is pleasing.


Hola a toda/os, mi nombre es Oscar. Soy parte del equipo de Estrategia y Gobernanza del Movimiento facilitando conversaciones para las comunidades en castellano en América Latina y España.

A nivel voluntario, soy editor de la Wikipedia en Español y por muchos años estuvo a coordinando actividades en Wikimedia Venezuela. Actualmente estoy ayudando a la comunidad wayú a tener su propia enciclopedia.

Como dato curioso, les comento que soy un adepto a las actividades al aire libre y considero que deberían ser mandatarias para cualquier trabajo de oficina que requiera estar sentado por ocho horas al día.




Hi, I’m Neal McBurnett, in Boulder Colorado, US. I dove into Wikipedia in 2002, and have helped organize at the local and state levels. I was in Berlin for the Summit in 2018, and helped facilitate the 2019 affiliate-selected wikimedia foundation board of trustees election.
I love to dance!

Mi ankaŭ parolas Esperanton. Mi scivolas ĉu Discourse provizas oportunajn tradukojn por partoj de mesaĝoj.


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Ndeewonụ Ụmụnne m, aha m bụ Obiageli Ezeilo. Abụ m onye Nigeria nke dị na mba Africa.


E karo ni bii oruko mi ni Gbemisola Esho


very pleased to see this website here. I’m interested in finding methods and ideas to promote group editing efforts and activitiees, on topics related to history. hee is one topic that I have started. looking forward to hearing ideas. thanks!


Ассалом дӯстон! Ман Шуҳрат Саъдиев аз Тоҷикистон, шаҳри Душанбе. Ба забонҳои тоҷикӣ ва русӣ озодона сухан мегуям ва менависам.
Аз соли 2011 корбари мебошам. Аз апрели соли 2016 мудири бахши забони тоҷикии мебошам. Википедиячиёни тоҷик дар августи соли 2015 - 32,823 мақола нвашта буданд. Айни ҳол дар Википедия 107 293 мақола ба забони тоҷикӣ навишта шудааст.
Дар meta. com ( саҳифаи Википедиячиёни тоҷик Википедияи Тоҷикӣ — Tajik Wikipedia амал карда истодааст. Мо бо ҷомеаи Шумоем дӯстон!


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Hello All!

Rafi from Bangladesh. I work as an organizer in Bangladesh, I speak both Bangla and English. I have formed a whole Wikimedia team and trying to make the movement more organized here.
And, ummm, I’m a real boring person, can’t find any fun fact about me LOL


Hi everyone, I’m Jon Harald Søby! Professionally I work in Wikimedia Norge with @Mali_Brødreskift_WMNO, trying to establish the Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub amongst other things. As a volunteer I have been active in language issues practically since I started editing in 2005, and am a member of the Language Committee and involved in the Wikimedia Incubator and some technical stuff as well.

My native language is Norwegian, and I also speak English fluently, and have studied many other lanugages, like German, Spanish, Esperanto, Romanian, Swahili and Northern Sámi, but I am usually better at reading and writing those than I am at speaking (because in written form, I can use dictionaries).

Fun fact: I have 3 kids ages 4–15, so life is… hectic, but fun. :slight_smile: I lived in Tanzania for 6 months in 2011, and will be going back there for holiday for 6 weeks this summer. Can’t wait!


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@Jon_Harald_Søby_WMNO , I already replied to you elsewhere, but let me just say it is nice to hear a bit about your personal background. I am just an ordinary participant here, but I just wanted to thank you for saying hello here. hope you will join in here as much as you wish! glad to have you, and welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Pozdrav svima! Ja sam Željko, ali u međunarodnoj komunikaciji preferiram koristiti inicijal Z.

Iznimno ne pišem na engleskom jeziku jer mislim da je važno da ga se bar povremeno izbaci iz središta i ne podrazumjeva kao jedinu normu. Kao queer osoba sa Balkana često djelujem kritički i kreativno van normi. Ne podrazumijevam da su socijalne norme vezane uz nasljeđe kolonijalizma i rojalizma te suvremeni neo-liberalizam niti jedine niti globalne, čak i kada mnogi Wikipedisti tako misle. To je i dio mog rada u polju kulture, medija i edukacije zbog čega sam u Wikimedia ekosustavu sa različitim zajednicama, pojedincima i oko različitih entiteta.

Ljubitelj sam Discourse softwarea odavno, ali sam bio zakasnio podržati WM Space da postane dio standardne Wikimedija komunikacijske infrastrukture prije pandemije (učinio bi je malo podnošljivijom)… ali veselim se ovoj novoj prilici za pregledniju, raznovrsniju i inkluzivniju razmjenu mišljenja!


Hello all!

Glad to be here with you. I hope everyone here is doing well.
I’m Gilbert Ndihokubwayo, I’m wikimedian, cofounder of the Community of Wikimedia in Burundi. Hope together we will do greater things!

Stay safe!