QW2023 #2 day / dia

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12:30:00 PM >> We welcome African, Asian and European participation in QW2023 Nodes

1:00:00 PM #1 Focus AFRICA and ASIA: // Presentation: Queers Wiki in Nigeria: The journey so far (Ayokanmi Oyeyemi/Kaizenify, Queer Alliance Nigeria) // Community Engagement / Strategizing Meeting: Queering Wikimedia from the archive: anti-colonial, anti-oppression and liberatory practices in Southern Africa (Whose Knowledge?)
//unConference Workshop: LBGT+ and Friendliness - What Do We Need and How Do We Do *(by User:Imcat with Josh Lim support)

workshop details here (parallel, BBB)

We develop knowledge and awareness about friendliness, especially for the LGBT+ community. Do you feel comfortable here? Or not? Why do you feel comfortable here? Or not comfortable here? If we want to make this place more comfortable, attracting more gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, non-binary, etc, what do we need? I hope to develop some shared knowledge and awareness on the idea of “friendliness”, with skills that we can practice back in our local community.

2:00:00 PM #2 WORKSHOPS:
// Knowledge Gap Index and the LGBTQ+ communities (Leila Zia, Miriam Redi/User:LZia_(WMF), User:Miriam_(WMF))
// Level up your wiki editing with Wikidata queries (Lydia Pintscher, Lucas Werkmeister)

3:00:00 PM #3 Lecture and Presentations: // Renacimiento de las diversidades en Wikipedia: caso de análisis sobre la reactivación del wikiproyecto LGBT en español (Miguel Alan Córdova Silva/MiguelAlanCS)
// Victoria Doronina: How Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees work?
// Community Engagement / Strategizing Meeting: Proposed scope of services for Wikimedia LGBT+ (Lane Rasberry/bluerasberry)

4:00:00 PM #4 Keynote: Homegrown Digital Public Spaces for Queer Communities (Esra’a Al Shafei)

5:00:00 PM #6 CLOSING: // We welcome Latin American participation in QW2023 Nodes

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I see #5 Workshop:
// Wiki Loves Pride 2023 campaign using BBB / JITSI is tbc : I had confirmed but was waiting for the precise date and time

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OK - will removed TBC then and tagging you as workshop lead

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5 days ago I mentionned that WLP was still not included in the general schedule here QW2023/Schedule - Meta.

5 days later I see Homegrown Digital Public Spaces for Queer Communities is but WLP is not, at 19:05 is only mentionned " Program close: Nodes meet and greet (Americas)"

I think 19 h is very late for a workshop and am afraid people will be tired, and I certainly will be.

Kudos and have a lovely QW2023 !

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There was new gap and this session moved to opening day #1

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