QW2023 #3 day / dia

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// International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

1:00:00 PM >>
// Meeting folks where they are at – equity and safety for Wikimedia events (Moderator: Mehrdad Pourzaki. Panelists: Benjamin Xue, Singapore; Maciej Nadzikiewicz, Poland; Ndahiro Derrick, Rwanda; Freddy Veloz from Wikimedistas de Ecuador)

Abstract: As the Wikimedia movement returns to in-person gatherings, how do we balance the desire to meet equitably around the world with the need to ensure Wikimedians feel safe. Please join panelists from Singapore and Poland, the host cities of Wikimania in 2023 and 2024, and Wikimedia organizers from Ecuador and Rwanda for an important discussion about safety and our community in a changing world.

2:00:00 PM #2 Lectures:// Making Queer Faces and Voices Visible and Audible Online: The role of Wikipedia and Wikidata (John Samuel/jsamwrites) // Tricky Terminology (Norena Shopland) // Wikipedia and the Biographies of LGBTQ+ People - Presentation (Vic/Vic Sfriso (WMAR)) // Queering Wikidata: Early Insights from the Wikidata Gender Diversity Project (Daniele Metilli/Mushroom, Beatrice Melis, Marta Fioravanti, Chiara Paolini) // Ethical and Inclusive Data Modeling for Gender Representation in Wikidata: Lessons and Recommendations from the Personal Pronouns Project (Arielle Rodriguez, Crystal Yragui, Alex Jung)

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Community Engagement / Strategizing Meeting
//“But what about representation?”: Finding Ethical Solutions and Best Practices for Gender Information in Wikidata (Arielle Rodriguez, Crystal Yragui)

4:00:00 PM >> Lecture
// Diversidade e Colaboração: um relato das ações do Projeto Mais Teoria da História na Wiki (Bruna Grando (Projeto Mais+))

5:00:00 PM #6 unCONFERENCE on BBB/JITSI:
// NotFoundOn.org (project by Aay Liporto, with Cristina Cochior and support Z. Blace)

6:00:00 PM #6 Panel
// LGBTQ Social Media Safety — Strategies for Advocacy & Activism (Jenni Olson/JenniOlson)
Abstract: Everyone deserves to feel safe on social media. LGBTQ people are disproportionately targeted with hate and harassment on social media — acts which have very real offline impacts and harms. We are also vulnerable to censorship and disproportionate limitations of free expression related to our identities. As the major platforms continue to fail to adequately protect LGBTQ users from anti-LGBTQ hate, while also continuing to too often suppress our legitimate speech and engagement, what new strategic approaches can we enlist to try to advocate for change? Join GLAAD Senior Director of Social Media Safety, Jenni Olson; Meedan Digital Health Lab Program Manager, Kat Lo; Kairos Program Director of Campaigns, Jelani Drew-Davi for a panel discussion moderated by GLAAD Social Media Safety Program Manager, Leanna Garfield.