QW2023 #1 day / dia

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12:00:00 PM >> Introduction by organizers and keynote by Dr. Nishant Shah entitled:
I spy, with my little AI - Wikiway as a means to disrupt the ‘dirty queer’ impulses of emergent AI platforms
// Dr. Nishant Shah is a feminist, humanist, technologist working in digital cultures. He wears many hats as an academic, researcher, educator and annotator, interested in translating research for public discourse and being informed by public discourse to orient his research.
Professor of Global Media and Director of the Digital Narratives Studio at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Communication and Journalism (Hong Kong)



1:00:00 PM #1 LIGHTNING TALKS: // multiple presenters (tba)

2:00:00 PM #2 EXPOSES: // Words Athwart: Saying and/or Meaning Gender from Wikidata to Wikipedias (Loren Koenig/BlaueBlüte) // Queer Wikipedia youth camps - past and future (Thomas Schallhart/Shikeishu)

3:00:00 PM #3 PANEL: Alianzas entre el movimiento Wikimedia y los medios de comunicación autogestivos (Belén Degrossi/lestssingaboutit)

4:00:00 PM #4 WORKSHOP: Human Rights Amid Rising Anti-LGBTQ Efforts (Cameran Ashraf)

5:00:00 PM #5 LECTURE: Unreliable Guidelines: Learnings from Art+Feminism’s inaugural report on reliable source guidelines and marginalized communities in English, French, and Spanish Wikipedias (Art+Feminism)

6:00:00 PM #6 CLOSING: // Day #1 closure with Queer poetry and invite to day #2 and #3

poetry with Rocio Gauna and Craig Teatime

#RocioGauna is a filmmaker, analogue photographer and writer in exploration. Her interest lies in poetry and non-fictional chronicles. She was born and lived most of her life in Buenos Aires but, in search of her identity, she found herself in need of establishing outside of the known. She lives in Berlin recently, but the city has given her a lot to write about.
#CraigTeatime works as a tattooer, and a poet where they create beautiful images through the medium of words. Craig’s themes and dreams include : queer love, building socialist utopias, (the real ones) and romance.