QueeringWikipedia 2023 Office Hours

If you are interested in Queering Wikipedia 2023 and want to ask questions or get to know more information, feel free to join us in office hours that will happen on the next three weeks with focuses on Contributing and Volunteering opportunities, as well as Partnering for hosting in-person regional or thematic nodes as part of our hybrid event plan.

On Monday, February 13, 2023 17:00 (UTC), we will chat about the Program and Open call for program contributions. Add yourself to the participants list on Meta: QW Office Hours - Meta (wikimedia.org).


Here is a gentle reminder that February 20, we are doing
Session #2 on Volunteering for Queering Wikipedia 2023
…and we approach first deadline of Call for Proposals!


Another gentle reminder that today, we are doing
Session #3 on Local partners for in-person nodes for QW2023
…and we moved Call for Proposals
into second round for another 3 weeks!

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After the first month February is completed, we take a week long break and will return March 13th with new topics, likely including Translation, Technology and maybe keeping one flexible maybe to accommodate your questions?

The first round of Office Hours is now complete! Starting next Monday (13th), we are going to have three more sessions to discuss and work on Queering Wikipedia 2023 preparation.

Translation and interpretation, software options (FLOSS and proprietary) and social/cultural ideas will be the next topics, but you can feel free to make suggestions and we will try to accommodate them.

Add yourself to the participants list: QW Office Hours - Meta


The second round of Office hours for March was also reported and we are to start with April today with a fairly spontaneous QW2023 Office about Promotion, Access and Outreach in 3,5 hours in order to try to meet few new people that are joining us (as soon as possible) to help us diversity (especially geographic, but also language and gender diversity).

If you can formally register interest for this and/or upcoming Office Hours, please do so today and consider to leave the input on the talk page of Meta or here QW Office Hours - Meta

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Here is a reminder that next QW2023 Office Hour is in Spanish (with English translation) and is slightly later tomorrow (to center on Latin America), so please reach out to fellow Wikimedians and LGBTIQ+ activists that might want to have a good overview of all info and see how they can contribute and participate! This will also be a bit of tech test on our side, so English speakers who are well informed are also welcome to interact :slight_smile:

As always please register!

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Join us for Queering Wikipedia 2023 Office Hours on Monday, May 1st! We are offering two sessions on the same day to accommodate more participants, at 8:30 and 16:30 UTC. The Office Hours will be focused on technical details for the conference, including testing software options and ensuring a smooth conference experience.

Add yourself to the participants list on Meta and receive the Zoom link one hour before the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

QW Office Hours - Meta (wikimedia.org)