Wiki Loves Pride campaign on different Wikis

Wiki Loves Pride campaign encourages development of LGBT+ related content in celebratory, coordinated and collaborative way.

It is important especially for smaller language instances to fill this content gap and make sure basic information exists. For many small wikis it is only point in the year when LGBT+ contributors may experience also that they are part of greater global movement and might recognize allies among other (straight and LGBT+) peers.

It seems that different wikis (example: GR) and their users might react differently on the proposal of localizing and executing the global Wiki Loves Campaign.

I would be interested to discuss what are the points of concern and what could be minimums to retain safety, inclusion and ideally productive atmosphere. Please join in discussion using your native language on the Forum as it offers GoogleTranslation feature. Thank you!


I am curious to know how active are Japanese Wikipedians around LGBT+ topics?
I see there is WikiProject LGBT+
プロジェクト:LGBT - Wikipedia and there is updated page about Tokyo Pride (which we should translate in more languages for sure)…can you please check for us if there are other Pride events in Japan and described on Wikipedia? Is Wikipedia community in general supportive of documenting LGBT+ events, people and related content in general?

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哈哈,其實我是臺灣人,主要是在中文維基百科社群活動,對於日文維基百科社群並不熟,對於日本社會中的 LGBT+ 運動也不太認識(只大概知道,與臺灣目前已經開放同性婚姻相比,其他東亞國家在態度上可能相對保守)。

或許可以問看看在這邊蠻活躍的日本朋友 @JNakayama-WMF、@YShibata、@Tmv、@Omotecho、@Kizhiya


@KOKUYO @Zblace 素晴らしい話題に感謝します。
「どれくらい」積極的か、わからないのですが、私たちWikimedians of Japan User Groupは10月27日から11月6日までバナーを出して「あなたはどんな人?」のような調査をします。JaWikipediaで、ログインした人には見えるバナーです。
(@Kizhiya が倒れなそうなほど一生懸命に準備してくれました!)
この中の選択肢の一つに1 male, 2 female, 3 other, 4 I don’t want to specify と、4つを準備しました。(日本語です)
今のところ、発表する場所はJaWikipediaだけですが、もっと多くの人が知ってほしいので、どうすればいいのか、アドバイスをください :slightly_smiling_face:


Pardon me - I was thinking of @Omotecho and you when I was tagging you by accident :blush:

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Are survey results private? I am not sure it is great way for people to be filling those survey if they are not out it they are transgender or non-conforming…maybe it would be good to have trusted (‘proxy’) user to help with this?

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Hi @Zblace , our comember @Kizhiya said the survey result will be in Diff, the Wikimedia Blog in English and Japanese.
And thanks for your idea. It helps the next opportunity.
I’m sorry the program has now completed by a company.
We had considered to get support on the way for planning this survey. I have met 2 people on an edithathon and a community call. They’ll answer they’re female.
Planning was harder than expected because there’re so many aspects to consider.
If you login and see the Japanese Wikipedia, during the period, you see a banner at the top of each page. Sorry the language is only Japanese. If you click the banner, then you’ll see a page, which is an exclamation, e.g. how your privacy will be protected. Then you’ll jump to the survey site.

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Hi, all,
One thing about the timing and the atmosphere: this is a very instinctive reply to you, Zblace, allow me to chime in. Wikimedia should not fuel any act against Human Rights advocacy. And we have a risk now as the general public is not in the business-as-usual mode concerning LGBT+ subjects. I wish I am not inflating the matter, and kindly nudge me if there are unclear parts to weigh the situation.

There is not yet an affiliated user group among Wikimedians in the Japanese speaking sphere yet, who can reply to any inquiry in case there be feedback from non-Wikimedian parties: Only the Wikimedians of Japan User Group, a prep team, has started recently, a non-affiliate.

Kindly be reminded that the Japanese speaking societies are watching worriedly at a scandal in the entertainment industry, against a promotion firm [] for boy bands and their founder/producer/promoter. That scandal itself is not directly related to LGBT+ themes, but we can’t ignore the Human Rights side of that. What bothers me is, oftentimes social media inputs or even the paid mainstream news media neglect the human rights side of the “juicy” matters.

By the way, if we are to speak of numbers/statistics. Do we find any peculiar change in contribution/readership rates for LGBT+ themed pages?

What is going on:

*In Japanese speaking society and the domestic entertainment industry, TV news shows are very busy reporting “Me, too!” scandal over here;

*a handful of those brave had stood up and spoke about their negative experiences during boyhood/high teen male days;
*they are going public against a deceased promoter/producer for boy bands;
*lawyers are at the negotiation table to evaluate/discuss the damage, which I am not really watching TV shows and their daily updates.

That said, I am afraid analysis is very difficult right now to sum up what is LGBT+ themes to jawp contributors/readers. Or the perspective towards 2030 if it be the initiative what we are discussing. It looks to me we are not in the safe zone to do any casual survey if that is not drawn up by professionals who cares enough for mental disturbance that might cause to our contributors/editors, and those classroom activities applying Wikipedia as among their learning materials.

With any metrics after mid-August on jawp and its sister projects:

  • are we better off and think twice whether or not there exists a bias of perception/interest because we are influenced by a hot social/media topic I noted above?
  • Won’t that (I hate this terminology) gossipy interest towards that kind of scandal whither very quickly, depending on who the media would treat the matter, or newer and juicier topics are fed?
    *What is the better policy or house rules to face such a human rights issue? The definition of the scandal is not final as sueing or cultural perception or whatsoever to my eyes.

*Are we prepared for how Wikimedia would keep its value, as the issue would develop ? It won’t be a month or two, I am afraid.

Or maybe people have not cared to come and read wikipedia/sister projects on that matter at all, I have no data. FYI, the news reports there are over four hundred (400) people seeking compensation for the damage related to the scandal, mentally and physically.

Kindly, --Omotecho

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また日本語版に限りませんが、SNSも有料報道メディアも人権に関わる面をあまり丁寧に扱わないと私見します。あるいは報道によると当事者が4百名を超えている由です。すると脚注に使う情報源をどう選べばよいでしょうか? 一過性の報道に振り回されませんか?




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@Omotecho ありがとうございます :slightly_smiling_face:10月27日からのアンケートでは、既存の数値の分析は行わないのです。質問項目は「あなたがWikipediaを始めてどれくらい?」「どれくらいの頻度で編集しますか」「何歳ではじめましたか」などです。user name、氏名は不要です。そのuserが行ってきた編集と紐付けにはならないプログラムです。






I would like to share with the community on here as well that Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group are organizing the Wiki Loves Pride in Albania. On December 2, we are having an editathon in collaboration with the Pro LGBT organization in Albania. Happy to share with you the result from this editathon we are having soon. :heart_eyes:


Hello, and wonderful news you are sharing! So your editing drive is on Wikipedia? {{Wikipedia|sq}}
Before we could translate from the LGBT related pages on Albanian Wikipedia into local language-Wikipedias, I am rubbing my palms to read existing articles on Albania and her cultures.
:writing_hand: Anybody on joint translate a page for her culture ? My case “{{lang|ja|アルバニアの文化}}”, or en:[Culture of Albania - Wikipedia)] into redlink ja:[アルバニアの文化])?


Hi there! Yes, it is {{Wikipedia|sq}}. I will share with you the articles the participants will work on.


Hey there! I would like to share some information about the Wiki Loves EuroPride 2023, in Tirana, Albania. Together with the Pro LGBT Tirana organization, we got together to write and translate articles on Wikipedia and Wikidata. First meeting was on December 2, and the next meeting is tomorrow, December 20. In the first meeting we worked on translating and improving articles about people, phenomena, barriers and much more. Here is a brief summary from the first event.

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@Vyolltsa this is Brilliant! Looks like sustainable pathway.

Please also consider with others which articles can be developed from original local content and maybe added to the list of articles for CEE Spring 2024!

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