Wiki Loves Pride (+in Sport) at @Bern EuroGames and PRIDE + online (26-29.7.)

Usually not considered a top LGBTQ+ destination Bern, the dreamy capitol of Switzerland is going to host both local pride and EuroGames, the biggest and oldest annual European LGBT+ sport event.

As a part of 2023 effort of European branch of Wiki Loves Pride we will try to make the most of the occasion and do a documentary photo walks *(on the EuroGames openning on 26th and PRIDE march on 29th), create Wikidata items, as well as Wikipedia and Wikivoyage content in different languages, but also meet participants and Bern residents as new and potential Wikimedia contributors :wink:

Join us online or in person. More info on Meta!

Activity is supported by Wikimedia LGBT+ UG and Wikimedia CH.


Gentle reminder tomorrow is PRIDE and closing of EuroGames in Bern. If you want to join us online we will do at least 30min check in at noon. Check details on Meta and if free help us translate wikipedia entries, collect references and connect the media we have and others have maybe published under open licences (or could be persuided to do so).

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We started planing 2024 EuroGames work. Is everyone OK with EGLSF and Vienna 2024 EuroGames hosts to apply for funding directly?