Last day to register early for WikiConference North America! (happening Nov 11 - 13)

Hello everyone!

Today is the last day to register for WikiConference North America without being placed on a waitlist (late registrations can still be approved).

This year the conference is being held in collaboration with OpenStreetMap. I think this collaboration will provide a really great platform to meet and share best practices with a mix of folks from similar types of virtual communities.

It’s a free online event, and you can register for the conference here: WikiConference North America + Mapping USA 2022 - you don’t have to be from North America to attend! All are welcome. There are also in-person meetups happening in New York and Indianapolis.

See WikiConference North America for further details!

( I’ll be delivering a lightning talk tomorrow - Friday Nov 11 around 4 PM Eastern - talking about the Committee Support Team and the ongoing appointment round for the Ombuds comission and Case Review Committee. Hope to see you there! For the full program schedule, see 2022/Schedule - WikiConference North America )


@Xeno_WMF , do we have a thread to compile and collate some of the info and ideas from this conference? can we please create a tag, for any and all threads pertaining to this great convention and group event? thanks!

Hello @Sm8900, to be honest I don’t think there are any other threads created about the event on the MS Forum however there is a lively hubs discussion ongoing at the Telegram: