Int. + cross-project coordination on Degrowth / Post-growth

Do not know if this was discussed before,
but if not -then who would be up for discussing
Degrowth - Wikipedia
Post-growth - Wikipedia
and related articles + Wikidata Items and Commons media
for cross-lingual and cross-project quality coordination?

@Becha @Andi_Inácio @Jsamwrites @Ainali
anyone else who should be notified and tagged?

See you next week online or
in person around DeGrowth conference in Zagreb.

Would there be an online avenue for some of us to join?


I do not know what exactly do you mean, if you think of online stream I have not found info that they would stream :-/ *(from the facebook it looks like not there)

If you want to join in online editing you can pick any speaker and/or topic and check existing Wikimedia entries and what you wanna do, just add to the sheet DeGrowth Zagreb to Wikipedia / Wikimedia - Google Sheet for coordination of items to do at Wikimedia