Degrowth themed events?

I will be likely attending ths 9th International Degrowth Conference Aug 29 – Sep 2 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia as Wikimedian and I wonder if anyone else is interested and wants to join me?

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Planiram i ja da dodjem!


@Jsamwrites what is the prospect of you joining?

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Hi! I am also Croatin Wikimedian, in group with Željko, and I wonder how can I be part of Degrowth Conference in Zagreb?

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From what I know Wikimedians have been applying for Press creditentials at events and did photo-video documentation, focusing on prominent people (especially those whose photos are missing in Wikipedia), but also overall documentation of the event. @Astinson_WMF do you know if there is official protocol lon how to do this? (we are 5 weeks towards event)

Hi @Zblace the press pass programs are done by local affiliates – I don’t believe the foundation has such a program in place (I may be wrong) but I know WMDE and several other affiliates have supported them in the past. For a list of staff working on these kinds of Community Support programs, I would look here for staff that provide these kinds of services to others: Volunteer Supporters Network/Engage - Meta – in the European context, I know most of the bigger affiliates have offered press credentials to folks going out of country.

Unfortunately that is not an option for us as Croatia never had functional and recognized affiliate (just a doggy one controlled by right wing nationalists and neo-Nazis). Anyway thanks for getting in touch fast. We will try to improvise something with other more reputable NGOs here.

Since this is an international/European conference, couldn’t you contact one of the more established-long term chapters, such Wikimedia Austria, to provide it?

I think we would ask Art+Feminism (as we are both engaging with them) or alike NGOs.

That would work as well!

See you next week online or
in person around DeGrowth conference in Zagreb.