[closed] Call for Wikimedians-in-Residency @Timelab.org until May 20th 2023

Dear All,
It is my honor to announce a new residency opportunity,
with my former (artistic) residency host Timelab.org in Ghent, Belgium.

They got enthusiastic over Wikis in our recent work and
would commit their resources to start the WiR for August-October 2023.

Please consider to read, give inputs and forward,
as well as to apply by May 20th!


雖然不是直接相關的意見,但是這個藝術家和維基人結合的計劃,讓我想到或許總有一天,維基媒體運動將會發展出要舉辦類似 Documenta 的展覽活動。

讓我們想像一下,假如每隔 3 年或 5 年,我們就藉由 Wikimania 舉辦的機會,同時在當地的藝術空間策畫文獻展。這樣的展覽可能是直接展出站內的檔案資料、在地合作單位的收藏、或是邀集藝術家進行創作。然後藉由展覽的機會,可以向社會大眾我們維基媒體運動對於未來社會的期待。


I think it makes sense to explore that. @Pasnos and me would for sure like it as we visited Documenta and discussed it. Wikimedia NYC wants to do something with World Expo location in future as exhibition context.


@Zblace 您方便提供 Wikimedia NYC 想要舉辦這類展覽活動的相關連結嗎?這事情我是第一次知道,想要多了解一下。


不過因為語言和行政能力,我自己沒有辦法做這類的組織工作,還是得要有人願意跳下來做了 :smiling_face_with_tear:。

Amazing @Zblace. Congratulations for the advocacy and outcomes. :seedling:

<3 I hope it is a start for a more sustainable and grass-root work with cultural field.


Here is a soft reminder that another 5 days are left to apply to this WiR position
and help shape bottom up cultural Wikimedian work with a focus on citizens,
city, commons, peer2peer learning and related in wonderful Timelab.org and Ghent!