Scientific methodology for Wikimedians

Dear all,

In the efforts spent to invest in the Wikimedians’ skills, I am happy to share that I am developing a MOOC on how people can do scientific research!

If you are interested in doing research in your region or on your local user group, this MOOC will explain to you how and provide you with all the tools needed to achieve that.

I will start working this week, aiming to finish in April 2023. I will keep you updated on the progress using posts, weekly written here.

Please note that there will be a live course (implementation of the MOOC) following. Thus, if you have an interest in the subject, stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please let me know, I will be more than happy to answer it.w


I am looking forward to attend it :heart_eyes:


@Michel_Bakni, do you know how much I was expecting this for months after months?
I wanted to start wikimedia research in my team, but wasn’t finding any resource to train the members of my team. I reached out to and requested a lot of people to train me and my team on how to conduct formal wikimedia research, but I wasn’t able to get any help.
Whenever, wherever, and however you implement the MOOC, count me and my team in.
If you need any support, I’m always ready to provide it.
Will look forward to the MOOC.


So much excited about that!!!


I wish to be part of the MOOC program when implemented because I am a researcher that wish to carry out a formal research on wikimedia products among librarians. I see Librarians in African to be fully part of the movement especially using it as a point of reference and also educational resources which can be utilized by academic environment. That can be identified through research


This is noted! I am glad to hear that

We are planning to start in April or May 2023.

I will keep you posted.


As an individual effort? Is Wikimedia Foundation research team involved?

No they are not. It is an individual effort

Sounds very ambitious. Consider to inform them. They might offer help.

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Do you have contact info? I will be glad if you can share it with me.

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:slight_smile: Google reSearch :Wikimedia Research - Contact Us :wink:

Can you please provide the meaning for MOOC on your original post?
(I’ve done a quick search and found it, but it’s always nice to enlarger the understanding of a message)

Thank you!


Will like the initiative, and I will be happy to be there.

Hi again, @Michel_Bakni! Not sure if they will be able to offer support, but I’m ccing @ELescak_WMF here, who is at the Research team at the Wikimedia Foundation. Hi @ELescak_WMF! As you will see at the beginning if this thread, @Michel_Bakni is developing a MOOC on how people can do scientific research. He was recently granted a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant to carry on this project.
Per the convo in the thread, thought it would be nice to introduce you both; thanks for all the work you do in this field. :tada:


Thanks, @TCappelletto_WMF for sharing this with me. @Michel_Bakni we invite you to join the Wikimedia Research mailing list (Info | - to connect with us and the research community. You can also connect with our team in our Office Hours (Wikimedia Research/Office hours - MediaWiki).


@Michel_Bakni this is a very good initiative. I need this training as well for my team.