Scientific Method for Wikimedians: Structur of the course + the intro video

Dear all,

I hope you are doing where ever you are in the world!

I providing you with updates on the course: “Scientific Method for Wikimedians”. which I am preparing thanks to the WMF fund.

In the last three weeks, I validate the structure of the course, it will be 20 chapters covered in almost 40h of recordings. please find the structure of the course below.

We also started to record the session, and here is the first output: a 17min video titled: “Introduction to the course”

Please watch it carefully, and tell me what you think. I will appreciate any type of feedback.

Note: due to technical problems, there are 2 places in the video where the sound quality is not super good. we learned from it! and it should not happen again.

We are planning to record Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 before the end of the month! I will keep you updated.

Part I: Knowledge & Scientific Method

  • Chapter 1: Knowledge & its types
  • Chapter 2: Scientific facts
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodologies
  • Chapter 4: Scientific Methods
  • Chapter 5: Research Question

Part II: Research Plan

  • Chapter 6: Defining Research Question
  • Chapter 7: The state-of-the-art
  • Chapter 8: Designing a Research Method

Part III: Research Sources

  • Chapter 9: Publication & How to use them
  • Chapter 10: Field Sampling
  • Chapter 11: Samples & their Types
  • Chapter 12: Direct Question
  • Chapter 13: Indirect Question
  • Chapter 14: Ethics of the Research

Part IV: Analyzing Data

    1. Chapter 15: Preparing Data
    1. Chapter 16: Handling Data Tables
    1. Chapter 17: Graphics
    1. Chapter 18: Statistics

Part V: Writing Research Report

  • Chapter 19: Writing down the Research
  • Chapter 20: Formatting of the Research

This is an interesting course that will aid Wikimedians in carrying out research within the wiki movement.

Furthermore, in the area of survey, i thinking it will be helpful to the prospective learners by demonstrating how to conduct community survey in aggregating opinion/perception in decision making or event planning.
I will encourage you try to eliminate background noise while recording the sessions.

Thanks for your effort at putting this together. I look forward to reading the success story.

Best wishes.


It’s going to be interesting, therefore am interested, I want to be part of the course. It’s a very ideas for wikimedians. It’s learning outcome is very okay. I wish to learn all the chapters


This looks like a good course! Please let me know if you would appreciate any help with proofreading. I am a retired English teacher & I would be happy to provide feedback & “polish” for your written materials.


This is noted! it will be great!

I am planning to provide a full-text script of the videos. I think you can be a great help there.

Thanks again! I will keep you updated.

It is Noted!

Thanks, and please stay alert for updates!