Workshops or trainings for legal compliance

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I recently attended both Conversation with Trustees on 21 April and Annual Planning Conversation with Maryana on 24 April, and the subject of wants/needs for more support from WMF on the legal issues was expressed by different users during the both meetings.

We make decisions daily as to whether article contents and fellow editors’ behaviors, etc. are appropriate for Wikimedia projects without knowing if our decisions are legally sound. :thinking:

I understand that WMF cannot provide us a “legal clinic” in which legal advice is offered to those who are facing actual legal cases. But I’m referring to rather like a training where we are taught what we need to know in order to protect ourselves and WMF in the legal sense and avoid falling into “legal potholes” on subjects such as, but not limited to, copyrights, privacy issues, libel towards both editors and living persons in the articles, human rights etc.

What do you think? Has any project had such a workshop/training before?

This is about risk management.


As I mentioned at [June 2, 2022] Conversation Hour with Maggie Dennis on Community Resilience & Sustainability today, an answer is coming but the team in charge still need to check a couple of details. Sorry for the wait!

Hola, RottenApple777, creo que además de lo que la fundación puede proveer, habemos muchos otras personas voluntarias que hemos dado asesorías de tipo legal a otros colegas que han enfrentado riesgos. Si esto se convierte en un espacio comunitario puedo participar y seguramente otras personas también.


As long as I know that there is a discussion going on behind the scenes, I’m ok with it. I have patience. I really appreciate your explanation. :grinning:

Hola, Protoplasmakid. That’s nice to hear. :smile:

Thanks, @AppleRingo777 for raising the concern. Not only regarding legal issues, the volunteer community needs professional training in all areas; the WikiLearn ( platform can be a better option to disseminate these types of specialized knowledge in the form of MOOCS.

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Hi Mrb_Rafi,

Thank you for your comment.

I think that WMF is too busy dealing with so many current issues and not thinking in a pro-active way with which, in my opinion,those issues can be obliterated before they would happen.