Regional reflections on grantees' work - what are your thoughts?

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I would love your perspectives on this!

In the last six months, we have taken some time to analyse data from Wikimedia Fund (grant proposals) to find some tendencies in issues communities want to address, common strategies and approaches, and also how they are hoping to learn from their work and measure results.

This analysis was reviewed with about 200 community members in 7 Regional Learning sessions. I wanted to share the documentation here for everyone, but also to get YOUR thoughts or questions. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Here is a summary image of some of the key issues in each region. How does your work address these? Is there anything missing?

Here is the full report of the Regional Sessions, it includes some general conclusions and also the 7 regional documents that gather the data for the bases of our discussions - some are translated to languages common in each region. :eyes:

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Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this report and for the summary image.

There are so many interesting things to learn from the reports. I encourage everyone to read it if they haven’t.
One of the things I found really interesting in the report is that although addressing harassment and creating safe environments are recognized as key to newcomer engagement, as well as Movement Strategy and the Universal Code of Conduct, only 15% of grantees globally mentioned something related to this area in the strategy description.

Thanks @Zuz_WMF. I agree entirely, this was one of the aspects that most struck me. I would love to hear more about people working on developing skills in their communities that seek to create safe and healthy environments.

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Thanks @JStephenson_WMF for sharing this. In the case of volunteer burnout especially among newbies, I motivate them by telling them they do not have to do everything. They should find what interest them the most and focus there.


@JStephenson_WMF I went through these and I will say talking about volunteer engagement,I am very good inviting people to meetings and always engage volunteers but retention and to make them to fully participate in the movement is what or the aspect my question goes…

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I would love to know more about this process. What do you find are tasks that are easier for newbies and encourage them to continue to participate?

That is a really interesting question. Being able to engage them initially is a great task. What do you do to encourage them to continue? Do you know of any interesting experiences?

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I follow through calls and chats, and another one needs to be patient enough because training newbies is not for a fainted heart.even through the chat i teach by marking all the wiki pages and headings followed with on screen recording but is still a very big challenge .

on wiki no task is easy because for newbies to join the dashboard or sign their name on meta page you must be with them unless you are not ready to host the event and some sees us the old editors as God,they don,t believe they can go far than us and they always relax because the experience editors are always around to help fix a what better way can they join in the movement and stop shying away from picking a public task in the movement.

also be lenient and try and answer whatever question they have

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