WIKIMOVE - The new podcast about our changing movement

With WIKIMOVE we aim to keep information flowing and ensure an easy form of update and involvement for everybody who wishes to know where we stand moving towards Wikimedia 2030. Our podcast is a forum for open and frank conversations about topics related to movement strategy. Check out our website and our meta page.

Our latest episode “UNLOCKing innovation” has just dropped. Check it out and share thoughts, news or questions for our next shows.

WIKIMOVE is a podcast from Wikimedia Deutschland, hosted by Nikki Zeuner and Nicole Ebber.


WIKIMOVE is now also available on most podcast apps!


Dear friends and listeners,

We would like to wrap up the year with a recap of our first year with WIKIMOVE, the podcast about the future of the Wikimedia movement, produced by Wikimedia Deutschland.

A massive thank you to our guests for sharing their takes on the future of our movement. And we’d like to thank our audience for their engagement and constructive feedback. We will be back in February with new episodes and adjustments, based on the evaluation survey (still open!).

This year we released 7 episodes and talked to 15 guests.

Our episodes were listened to in at least 52 countries, about 1580 times.

Here is a list of 2022 WIKIMOVE episodes, in case you missed them:

#1 Knowledge as a service, with Tochi Precious and Guillaume Paumier

#2 Communitizing’ strategy, with Érica Azzellini and Lucas Piantá

#3 UNLOCKing innovation, with Kannika Thaimai and Ivana Madzarevic

#4 Content and Knowledge Gaps, with Kiril Simeonovski, Daniel Bögre Udell and Lucy Crompton-Reid

#5 Peer support, with Rebecca O’Neil and Jessica Stephenson

#6 Hubs, with Johnny Alegre and Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska

#7 Growing Communities, with Anass Sedrati and Pepe Flores

All episodes are also available on the following platforms:

Spotify | Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Stitcher

Soundcloud | Deezer | JioSaavn | Podchaser |Youtube playlist

We wish you a happy end of year and look forward to further conversations around movement strategy next year.


Nikki, Nicole & Eva


this sounds like a great, fantastic resource and creative effort. however, I would highly recommend and suggest that you please make this material available on a youtube channel, in order to reach a wider audience. it’s just my own suggestion on this. thanks!

by the way. youtube videos do not need to include any visual content at all. you can have an entire video which shows nothing visual, except maybe a logo, and consists only of your spoken words. so that’s why a podcast can be transmitted via youtube, with no technical changes or additions at all. I hope my small suggestion is helpful. thanks! @Nicole_Ebber_WMDE !

Thanks you for your feedback @Sm8900. WIKIMOVE is already available on Youtube with english subtitles. You can find the link to our youtube playlist is in the text above: