White Paper: Designing futures of participation in the Wikimedia Movement

Movement Strategy is about more people of the movement equitably making decisions together. But how do we get better at developing processes that meaningfully include and engage a diverse range of people?

To find answers, Wikimedia Deutschland, in collaboration with a small group of Wikimedians interested in Movement Strategy, has commissioned Platoniq to create a white paper that provides initial input for the design of future participatory processes for our Movement. It aims to inform and support the Movement Charter drafting and ratification process, but is also applicable to other processes.

The research and recommendations can be useful to generate inclusive and accessible engagement from across the movement. This White Paper aims at providing a contribution to the research on the history of participation in Wikimedia, and to support the community ideating, designing, and planning participatory processes for the future Movement.

We invite anyone interested to read the white paper on Meta and to join a public presentation and Q&A with Platoniq on July 11, at 15:30-16:30 UTC. Please respond here or on Meta so that we can add you to the calendar invitation.


@Nicole_Ebber_WMDE , thanks so much for posting this here. yes, I would be interested. could you please add me to the calendar invitation? thanks very much. and bravo for all of your terrific work and diligent efforts!!

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yep, done! :slight_smile:

Friendly reminder: The presentation will happen on Monday, let me know if you are interested in joining, I will then send you an invite and video conference link.

@Kinvidia @Mwintirew @CaliBen @Shahadusadik @Ruby_D-Brown @Ndahiro_derrick I am tagging you here in case you might be interested in participating in this.


Thanks Zita, when is this taking place?

It is taking place today!

I have registered to particiate. Thanks for sharing!

See you there!

I liked the presentation. Now, there are 70 pages to read! :smiley:

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Thank you!


Hi everyone,

Thank you to those of you who joined Platoniq’s presentation of the white paper on Monday. I am glad that ~30 interested Wikimedians from across the movement decided to participate.

We have recorded the presentation part of the meeting (~30 minutes) and uploaded the video to YouTube and Commons, and linked it on the white paper page on Meta.

Now with English subtitles
@CKibelka_WMF was so kind as to copy the automatically created subtitles from YT over to Commons. Please note that if you watch the video via the Meta page, you will not see the subtitles. You will only see them on the Meta file description page, or on Commons.

What’s next
We’d love to hear from you: How did you like it? And how do you want to use it – for your own organisation, community, or committee?

The intention to commission the paper was to initiate rethinking how we do consultations in our movement. How can they be less frustrating? This is one of the many fields we need to get better at as a movement, that’s why we felt it appropriate to hire some external expertise.

Let us know! Please leave your comments or questions on the talk page.

Kind regards,

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