Wanna serve as a category moderator!

Hello all!

Hope you’re doing awesome.

I saw the topic Call for MS Forum Moderators and thought maybe this is the right time for me to serve the place better!

I would be more than happy to serve this forum as a category moderator of the category #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development !

I’m an outreach wikimedia organizer and trainer, and one of my prime focuses is to find and invite new leadership from outside the movement. I’m a member of the Leadership Development Working Group and I’m also responsible for interacting on this forum on behalf of LDWG. I formed a new team in my own college and now trying to ensure sustainable leadership there so that the team doesn’t stop working if I’m not there! I’m extremely interested in all these leadership things and hungry to learn what’s happening in the movement regarding this topic.
As an outreach organizer, I can confidently say that the lack of a platform where people can get involved in the governance process of the movement and other things is one of the reasons of volunteer burnout. This forum has created an inclusive space for everyone to share their thoughts without fear; I, personally noticed this among my team members and other volunteers. A safe and comfortable space without complexities can ensure inclusion in the movement’s governance process, and this platform is doing exactly the same!
I agree to follow Universal Code of Conduct as a moderator in this forum.
I also agree to act in coordination with the other moderators. Together, we’ll make this place more inclusive and less scary for everyone!

I think serving as a moderator of this category would provide me with the opportunity to be involved in these topics more closely!

Candidacy status

This section is added by the administrators to check the criteria of this candidacy according to the process.

These criteria are reviewed by the forum administrators after two weeks of community review (September 29 or later).

  • :white_check_mark: Be a Member .
  • :white_check_mark: Read the Guidelines.
  • :white_check_mark: Be Certified and Licensed in Discourse skills.
  • :white_check_mark: Commit to follow and apply the Universal Code of Conduct as a moderator.
  • :white_check_mark: Commit to act in coordination with the other moderators.
  • :white_check_mark: Post a short statement to become a category moderator in the same category, introducing yourself and explaining briefly what is your motivation to be in this role. Any prior experience moderating or administering similar channels in Wikimedia or elsewhere is welcome. No problem if this is your first time. This is a good role to start moderating.

Thank you so much @Mrb_Rafi! You will be remembered as the first person who tested the Movement Strategy Forum moderation and administration process. :slight_smile: We are defining this process as we go, please be a bit patient with the admins.

I have added a candidacy status section above to check the status of the requirements for this role.

According to your profile, you are Licensed (which is the difficult one) but not certified (completion of the basic tutorial). You can solve this by sending a private message to @discobot with the text @discobot start tutorial.

While we don’t doubt about your good intentions, can you add explicit mentions about these two points in your post above, please? This way you will be on record. :slight_smile:

Anyone else reading this topic, these are the next steps:

Given that #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development has no category moderators yet, and given that we don’t have general moderators either, this decision will be made by the admins on September 29 or later.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@Qgil-WMF “certified badge” done!


Thank you, @Mrb_Rafi. You’re all set!


Congratulations, @Mrb_Rafi! You got support and no objections. You are now a moderator of the #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development category (verify).

You are pioneering this process and this category moderator role. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them!


OMG, I’m so happyyyyyyyy!
This is so crazy.

BTW, thanks a lot, @Qgil-WMF, yes, I’ll let you know whenever I’ve any question. I’ll take some time to play around with my new moderator role and try to be more familiar with the environment XD


Congratulations rafi on your new achievement. I am new here so I don’t know that much about being a moderator but hope in future I can be one too :sweat_smile:. I want to serve the movement more and hope I will be in everyone’s prayer.


@Mrb_Rafi congratulations!. I have been away for a while. Just catching up. Good one. Keep the flag moving. We are inspired by your enthusiasm.


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