Utilising Wikisource and Commons as repositories of oral culture and language

Hello everyone! I’d like to share this toolkit that Nitesh Gill and I have created: Oral Culture Transcription Toolkit - Meta
Preservation of oral culture on digital platforms is a method that can be used by various communities to preserve and digitise their heritage.
We invite you to have a look and provide us feedback!


@Amrit_Sufi , bravo! I fully agree! our society, our world, our species, and our civilization sorely need this as a resource. well done, and bravo! please continue on with this important, valuable, vitally-needed work! thanks! :smiley:

This is a very good work! Pinging the Language Diversity Hub folks in case they’re interested: @Mali_Brødreskift_WMNO @Oscar_WMF @Shahadusadik @Iyumu @Robertjamal12 @Rachmat04


This is superb and might be helpful for communities who are working with oral language preservation. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for the encouragement!