🎈Learning Clinic: Oral Knowledge Documentation

We invite you to participate in this learning clinic on oral knowledge documentation for Wikimedia projects. This clinic seeks to introduce participants to the various oral documentation projects that have occurred in the Wikimedia movement.

:point_right: What is this Learning Clinic for?

  • To provide participants with an overview of Oral Documentation in Wikimedia projects.
  • To provide participants with a focus on documenting oral knowledge on Wikimedia projects.
  • To help connect sharers and participants for continued support on oral documentation.

:point_right: What do participants need to prepare?

  • Check out examples of Oral Documentation projects within the Wikimedia movement.
  • To be eligible, you must have an active Wikimedia account, be a member of a Wikimedia affiliate, and not be blocked from writing on any Wikimedia project.

@Owula_kpakpo great initiative, I regret and missed the important subject of non-scripted stories. Would you share any Ether-pad or memo of the lectures please?
Would you please share how users subscribe to your line of Learning Clinics please?

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Hi Omotecho, sorry for missing the learning clinic but we have all the videos from our sessions on the calendar here on Meta Lets Connect Calendar you just have to go through and find the session you missed.

Thank You.

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Brilliant, thank you!
Then maybe we can use same date format, so that the table will be sortable. It is designed to be sortable, however, as dates are written in multiple formats. Do we really need day of the week on the calendar? (Wednesday/Friday etc) Can we move them such as:
Sample: May 11, 2024 (Saturday)?

FYI, At the present, dates are noted as:

  • Lingua Franca date-month-(year missing at times);
  • Lingua Franca, starting with day of the week;
  • Universal, month-date (year missing at times); and
  • Universal, month-date-year.


2024年5月11日(土) 11:16 Justice Okai-Allotey via Movement Strategy Forum <notifications@wikimedia.discoursemail.com>:

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We usually do that because we have current and active learning clinics happening.

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