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I am Achukwu Onyinye Jane, I have over 11 years experience as an educationist, I am currently the Documentation Specialist For Wikimedia Foundation Education Team.

I am also the Hub Coordinator for Wikimedians Igbo User Group where I coordinates the Anambra State Hub, Nigeria.

Lastly, I contributes to Wikimedia Foundation through Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Commons and Wiki data etc. Loves networking, travelling and teaching.


Hello…I am Ibrahim an editor in Hausa wikimedia Projects.I am happy to be here…


Bienvenu @Yann. Super de vous avoir ici


Glad that you are here… @Yann


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Hello Everyone Am Shobowale lekan favour by name ,but Favourdare123 as My wiki username.Am From Nigeria.
Is Nice showing up here and reading stories that could inspire you to Want to be part of this Group.

I am an Editor for over A year now,i Joined Wikimedia Foundation last year and Having Over 12 Thousand edits in My global Coordinations.

And am also an upcoming Project lead,Having Hosted two different Project this year:

  • First was Wikimedia Hackathon 2022 in Kwara state,Nigeria(Hosted April - May,2022).

*Second was Wikivibrance_IYD_2022_Celebration_in_Nigeria(To be hosted Sept - October,2022).

Nice sharing this here,as This is the second public Environment i will share this.And am happy to be here and also will love to work towards the Aim and achievement of This Group.

Best Regards,
Shobowale lekan favour.


I am Abu Dhorr Ahsan (nickname: Shahajada)
I am from Bangladesh. My native language is Bangla but I am also good at English (have basic knowledge in Hindi).
I am a new contributor to the movement and trying to be more active and help the movement.
Fun fact is that I am not good at any particular thing so I try to contribute everywhere because by contributing everywhere I might not do much in depth but I have knowledge about that which I may use to help in other sector.
Have me in your prayers :innocent:


Greetings, wonderful team.My name is Esther Nga’nga’.l am a Librarian and Wikipedia editor based in Kenya.l’m really excited to be a part of this movement.


Welcome, i wish you a beautiful stay here. It is a beautiful and impactful platform. Keep contributing and sharing your ideas. Cheers :grinning:


Hello Esther, it is nice to have you. It is a very beautiful and impactful platform. I wish you a wonderful stay here. Keep contributing, cheers! :smiley:


Hello Abu, good to have you here. We have you in our prayers and we sure love you. New comers one day become old volunteers. Please dont give up, there is alot to learn here. If you get stucked, just call out to us. We are here for you, and to support you. Thanking you for contributing to free knowledge. You are the best! Cherrs :smile:


Thank you for having me, I’m eager to learn and contribute.


Hello @Ngangaesther
Great to know you. This is a very nice forum or platform for new people like us. I am also a new contributor to the movement and a member of this forum. Hope to see you around, af any help needed feel free to ask.


@ShahajadaSJ7 great to know you, too. This is the appropriate forum.

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Hello, My real name is GATETE Pacifique,I am from Rwandan. I have good level in English.
Am photograper and a Wikimedia volunteer since 2019. In wikimedia movement I have participated in most of the photograph and writing contests within Rwanda, and I managed to be in winning contributors in Loves Folkore 2021, Wikipedia pages wanting photos 2021, WikiGap 2021 and 2022 .

Thank you


Hello @GATETE_Pacifique
It is great to know you and have you in the forum.


@ShahajadaSJ7 Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.



My name is Iftekhar Hossain Iftee, and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My native tongue is Bangla, but I consider myself quite good in English and Hindi as well. I am a beginner in Urdu and Arabic and have a great interest in ancient languages like Latin and Sanskrit.

I am currently a member of a non-affiliate team, the NDEC Wikipedia Editorial & Research Team. Our team is currently collaborating with some Indian Wikimedians on a project regarding the revitalization of vulnerable languages. I am the in-charge of the project in our team.

From the facts above, you can assume that I am a linguaphile. I am also interested in legal and philosophical matters, which few people seem to have an interest in. So yeah, I am a nerd :sweat_smile:


I know a lot of funny facts about you :wink:


@Ifteebd10 eu também amo línguas e filosofia! :nerd_face: (Sou brasileira e falo português, espanhol, inglês e italiano - mas preciso praticar esta última, está meio enferrujada :sweat_smile:). Boas vindas ao fórum da Estratégia do Movimento Wikimedia!