New tool to integrate Australian Census data

A new initiative led by our friends at Wikimedia Australia: a new Lua module automating the updating of Australian population data in Wikipedia.

Kudos particularly to our very own @Samwilson, who is Lua mentor for this project! If you have any thoughts, experience, or lessons learned you’d like to share here, Sam, you’re more than welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link Ramzy! Yes, this has been a fun project. All the hard thinking has been done by User:MaiaCWilliams — she was new to Lua and so I just helped her with the translating of the algorithm into code. It was more complicated than I was expecting, mostly because of the mis-match of the topics of Wikipedia articles to Wikidata items and to Australian Bureau of Statistics data. But it’s all looking good now! There’s a fair to-do list of improvements still to come though. :slight_smile: