Movement Strategy initiative #37: Identify the impact of Wikimedia projects & content

Identify the impact of Wikimedia projects & content

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In order to Identify Topics for Impact, we need to understand and identify the impact of the Wikimedia Projects and their content. We need to research how people use the content of Wikimedia Projects. For example, this research may explore the extent to which people understand and trust Wikimedia’s content. Consequently, research conclusions would be used to create tools to measure the impact of Wikimedia Projects in different contexts. Communities, researchers, and partner organizations should collaborate closely in understanding the impact and creating tools to measure it.

Research how our content is used, measuring the coverage, quality, and verifiability of content, the public’s trust, and their ability to access and understand our content. This will give us a better understanding of the different ways in which Wikimedia content can make an impact on improving people’s lives.

  • Understand how our projects can be misused or abused by detecting threats with significant potential for harm (such as misinformation, disinformation or scams).

  • Conduct and support research and analysis to identify topic areas that have a high impact on the world and on knowledge consumers.

  • This requires developing tools to analyze content, creating a shared understanding of impact among Movement stakeholders, and developing relationships with specialized partners.

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