Movement Strategy initiative #36: Establishing a Wikimedia knowledge base

Managing the Internal Knowledge of the Wikimedia movement entails establishing a Wikimedia knowledge base. This base (possibly an independent platform) would be a central place to organize and access all the learnings and documentation of the movement. The knowledge base will need to allow participatory content creation, to support multiple languages, and to allow effective searching for and navigation of knowledge resources through metadata. The knowledge base will require maintenance. The maintenance plan can involve community members in creating content, encouraging workshops to improve content, and dedicating staff to support it.

  • Establish a knowledge-base system with access to all Movement learning assets.
    • Design the knowledge-base to be user-friendly, participatory, functional, multilingual, and searchable to store all the internal knowledge resources of the Movement so contributors can be aware of what exists and where to find it.
    • Create clear documentation regarding infrastructure development and scalability to transparently engage more Movement stakeholders.
    • Encourage the creation of metadata for every piece of internal knowledge to support its findability through search tools.
  • Encourage the growth and maintenance of this knowledge-base following these practices:
    • Encourage sprints with focused scope to avoid cost and time overruns.
    • Adapt content, training, and learning to local contexts and involve diverse communities to ensure knowledge is accessible and available in multiple forms.
    • Provide dedicated staff to assist with content curation, discoverability, quality assurance, user support, and to facilitate peer-to-peer matchmaking.
    • Support the creation of reports to measure and evaluate the Movement’s progress accurately, thus creating better awareness and setting informed priorities.

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